Saturday, September 12, 2009

Bowling [Sept 11, 2009]

First & Foremost
God Bless all of those who were affected as a result of 9/11.

So after work at 8pm
I went to my high school's Homecoming and let's just say its not the same since my class left. I had a freshman really try to step up to me, I said "really kidd?" and the child fell back. These lil freshman need a reality check or at least an attitude adjustment to say the least with they yey tall [SHORT ASSES] selves.

I met up with some friends & teachers had a good time recapping. Then the game was over - my high school lost their Homecoming game (no surprise there) and I and my friend didn't want to go home yet so we went bowling!

Burnswick Bowling
[67th Ave & Indian School Rd, Phx, AZ]

me bowling

I honestly suck at bowling. I'm no pro but I still love the sport! We 6 had a great time bowling, but how could you not especially with good friends on a Friday Night.

Mikeman x Marlin
[clearly I was sanging on the right haha]

Marlin x Frankie

the homies from high school
Veronica x Franklin x Mikeman
[@veroooo, frankenstein_23, @MikemanxMiguel]

My bestfriends
the Mexicasian VERO & my El Salvadorian amigo FRANKLIN
[She's really not Asian, she's just a lil chinita haha and Frankie is half Mexicano. Marlin although class of 09 she's still cool... I mean I went to France & Spain with her! We (Frankie & Vero) have been homies since high school and all though we graduated in '08 we still thick as theives & thigh like spandex haha always causing chaos on Twitter and if I go MIA one evening I'm probably talking to these kids haha. Although its a change from going from seeing them everyday in class in high school, I get to get kick it with them on the weekends]

Well Round 1 of bowling I got 3rd.
Round 2 - I WON! @veroooo U lose, [@frankenstein_23 U lose
And a good time was spent by all.

the winner,