Monday, August 24, 2009

BK & birds

Monday [Aug 17, 09]
I finally gave into my love
[I'll talk more on it in a lil]

BK Mike
cuz I was hongry [not hungry]
but yall remember the crowns?
yeah I had to rock that along wit my shades, 2 cheeseburgers, fries & a drink

My love of WHAT?
I love birds: the feathers, songs, chirps, noises, colors, personality, wings, everything and I've had my ONE lone parakeet for the longest time and was afraid it was gonna die of loneliness. So after much thought I saved up enough money for a new cage, birds, food and toys...

[empty cage]

[the BIRDS]

it's been about a week I've had them so now that they are all acquainted

Blue Lady
my original bird

Kimbonbo Pepino
the green one
translation: okra cucumber
why? -the green DUH?

Nessie [Lockness Monster]
cuz she's always big & puffy
like the the Lockness Monster
k not really
I just liked the name

cuz it looks to delicately painted
like a an oil pastel colored
Easter Egg

i love my birds

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cascada - Evacuate the Dancefloor

cascada Pictures, Images and Photos
a German-Euro music group
[Europop, House, Dance, Electropop]
Smash Hit: "Every Time We Touch"

CASCADA - "Evacuate the Dancefloor"

kinda like a bootleg Lady Gaga all on her JOCK! jk ppl but I really dig this song
the bassline, the lyrical content and her voice is like WHOA!
not so much the video
But it makes me wanna dance adn ironically Get on the Dancefloor haha
She's a cutie tho especially with the black streaks int he blonde hair
likin' the lil rap too it gave it that edge it needed

yeah I like a lil electro/dance pop music

here it goes ACOUSTIC if you dont believe her talent
nevermind the German lang


Monday, August 17, 2009


I'm not easily influenced
I makes my own moves, do my own thang
eff it if im not in the "in-crowd"
[although I am haha]
cuz I can honestly care less about what other ppl are doing
So for the most part I am a pretty good guy
I got a pretty good CONSCIENCE on my shoulder
BUT I wonder about the society'
more specifically some of my friends I see do wrong, getting caught up in things they ought not.

KEEP IN MIND your "real" friends are your circle of influence.
NO ONE is perfect so they as well as we all have our flaws, vices, sins, habits, fixes, addictions etc... if you catch my drift

that battle between good and bad/right & wrong is your CONSCIENCE talking to you. Listen to it! Its a shame how most ppl ignore it or flatout dont have one. I mean dont get me wrong, we all sometimes give into temptation although the idea is to fight it because its bad for you but some ppl just lavish in the id [or live & love to do bad] and it really puzzles me how corrupt, evil and self-destructive ppl can be.

AT the slightest idea of maybe its okay, just this once comes into play
this thought does too
its something I got from my Sunday school class. Its put the whole saying on a global perspective so I you can picture the world if everyone sinned as such. It puts that old saying "if Jimmy jumps off the bridge are you gonna jump off the bridge with him?" concept to shame because it tell you WHY NOT to follow/copy what Jimmy aka others are doing.

And that tiny grain of "what if" is SQUASHED like the Devil who planted it.

I guess I'm just tired of seeing ppl act like they have no CONSCIENCE.
Me & CONSCIENCE are pretty cool, we do everything together so no worries here...

just letting you know he had something to say!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Buffalo Exchange & ZIA's

does have its lil HOT SPOTS
I hit up two of mine Sat [AUG 8,09]
Buffalo Exchange & ZIA's

is a used clothing store on 7th St & Missouri Rd in Phoneix, AZ.
They buy & sell used and vintage clothes brought in by fellow Arizonans from all over from Phx to Scottsdale, Glendale to Tucson, Tempe to Avondale haha
They sell everything: jeans, shirts, sweaters, shoes, heels, hats, shades
The thing about Buffalo Exchange is that because they buy used clothes, every visit they got something new & different and if you find something great you better buy it then and there or someone else will!
Buffalo Exchange has any from a Marvin the Martian shirt at $13 to True Religion Jeans at $55 and everything else. I go mainly to sell my old clothes which Buffalo Exchange in exchange will give you [35%] cash or [50%] store credit for your [good quality/wearable] clothes they purchased.
Well I brought in about 10 articles of clothing.
REAL nice clothes, nothing bad bout them, certified bank. Right? WRONG.
The man checking my clothes only accepted 2 of my jeans and I only got 15 BUCKS BxTCHES!
While my bro brought some jeans & shirts and made 53 BUCKS
i hate him right now...

then WE took a redeeming trip to... my musical haven

a record store that sells new, used and old albums & records.
Located on 19th Ave & Indian School Road but ZIA's are located all throught the state of AZ. The sell everything from reggae, rap, pop, adult, hip-hop, r&b, Top 20, rock, world, dance, everything even local artists like
the AZ rapper Willy Northpole.
The cool thing about ZIA's is the used CD's they sell are HALF OFF [50%] so a brazillion of their CD's are like 6.99, 7.99, 8.99 bucks... its a steal considering theres no place under the sun can still selling albums from years ago like Maxwell, Xscape, Will Smith, Atmosphere, Smilez & Southstar, S Club 7, BBMak, Brandy, Lauryn Hill, etc
I spent a good half an hour with 7 albums in hand before I finally narrowed it down to just 2 CD's.

I bought
LMFAO Party Rock & N.A.S.A. The Spirit of Apollo

and we end the day with
bird shit
bird shit!
on my windshield :D


Friday, August 7, 2009

Talking SH!T at the barbershop ('bout ME?!)

So I got a fresh haircut cuz Mikeman was looking mighty nappy!

So I go to my barbershop.
No line = No Wait = Barbershop Paradise cuz I DON'T KNOW ABOUT YOU but I don't like waiting for my haircut. It already takes a while for PERFECTION for my hair to get cut. Anyways, I got in, sat down, said I wanted "1 on top & a 0 on the sides" for a fresh fade and he started cuttin' away...
here in Arizona we have Mexicans. Now race doesn't matter - I'm not racist, but without giving too much explanation tha fact that they're Mexican is vital to the story.
...and about 2 seconds into clippin' my hair he (my barber) starts speaking in Spanish with the owner/head barber and another barber.

Talk about DISRESPECT!
[Speaking in another language in front of someone who: 1) who clearly doesn't know the language and 2) would assume your talking about them ('bout ME?!)]

It was rapid fire espanol the moment the clippers grazed my naps.
I wasn't paying attention to a word they said, until I heard 'em say moreno and then I was all ears.
Moreno means dark-skinned and obviously dark-skinned Hispanics but also for a word used, here in AZ, for Black folks and there wasn't anyone Black in there but me. But what yall may not know about me is I'm CUBAN. I know Spanish (for the most part...I don't speak it cuz I forgot it cuz I never used it)

So like the saying goes my ears are burning as I quote/unquote eavesdrop their convo as these Mexicans talk about me? el moreno??? Cuz they really got some NERVES talking bout me like that while cutting my hair. The audacity! Talking mainly about the difference between Blacks & Hispanics regarding hair, hair product, haircuts, attitudes and just talking straight mess bout my [Black] peoples...

I was on the verge of laughter cuz 1) they don't know that I know they talking about me right under the clippers & 2) These Mexicans are really talking mess and I truly cant wait to confront their asses about this.

I was in disbelief like it felt like forever when you know someone is talking bout YOU with a look on your face like "this bitch..."

Cuttin' to the chase after the barbers stopped talkin' SH!T
Barber "So do you know Spanish?"
[cuz he had the feeling I was listening to their convo]
Me "yeah"
Barber "Oh for reals?" *shocked*
Me "yeah, I'm Cuban"
[nonchalant/as a matter of fact]
Barber "Oh.." *caught*
Barber "So you understood what we were saying?"
Me "yeah, pretty much"

Then we talk'd it out mainly about me being Cubano and yeah we cool now
He knows better than to talk SH!T about me in Spanish cuz just yeah...


Sunday, August 2, 2009

Ciara & The Saturdays "WORK"

Cici & The Sats
just recently put out a music video for their songs "WORK"

Ciara - WORK (feat Missy Elliot)

Does Cici know what shes doing to me on with this music video
She got my favorite MC on the track wit her
& She got to dancing: flicking & tossing sand in the air in that aqua blue dress
and putting in WORK on the constuction site
with all that coochie poppin, swivel legs & the iconic matrix.
Still rocking that ponytail & swinging it like a helicopter like its hers smh Plus yall must not know im a sucker for STUNNAS & I want those Shades CiCi!
the analogies in this song are reDONKulous
deff club joint - got me dancing in my seat

Next we got...

The Saturdays - WORK

Mollie, Vanessa, Frankie, Rochelle & Una of The Saturdays(in singing order)
really sex(y)'d it up... especially Mollie (blonde) cuz she's usually the cute lil Baby Spice of the group. Vanessa deff brought the power vocals in that pink&black jumpsuit opposite from the group's black attire. Im diggin' Frankie's dance moves & flip of hair (short hair - Brunette), my wife Rochelle has never been SEXIER! in that dress. Straight makings of a model, MY MODEL so dont look too hard :) & Una is already sexy looking like Elizabeth Hurley.
They did they lil dance sequence in and i aint made at em.
Go Sats!
(looking all kinds of sexy)

Well I hope you've enjoyed my two "Work" vids
and you should know that you should
"put your boots on baby" and "Work! Work! Work! Work! Work! Bitch you betta work!"

sorry this post is late..
i was busy