Monday, December 3, 2012

#MusicMonday: Will.I.Am feat. Britney Spears - "Scream & Shout"

Will.I.Am feat. Britney Spears - "Scream & Shout"

"It's Will.I.Am and Britney, bitch!"

I'm a BEP fan + I confess I do like me some Britney
The two together make a pretty good song
NO shame in the fact it just makes me want to dance
and scream and shout and let it all out!

because seriously
like Brit says,
"When you hear this in the club
you're gonna turn this shit up!
you're gonna turn this shit up!
you're gonna turn this shit up!"
the pulsing beat makes you

The fashion in this video is pretty clean too
Urban x Classy x Futuristic
Black & Gold to perfection
[my personal favorite with a couple pieces I want as well]

just enjoy, man
it's Britney, bitch!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


I just want to be happy.
Happy is self-inflicted.
and at times a difficult concept to grasp, to conceive.
The concept is simple: "do what makes you feel good"
The investment is insurmountable yet the implementation to this idea is where the trouble lies
There are plenty internal & external forces constantly preventing and prevailing against you.
Non-ignorable, relentless, daunting, draining.
You don't give up the fight but at the same time its likely you can't give it your all.
Times this by day in and day out and on repeat, and you've got yourself trying to find what makes you happy...
...all for the sake of your sanity
or to remember what "happy" felt like
not even for feeling it brought you - ecstatic joy.

You can easily remember you happy but you can remember you happy

I say find out fast before happy becomes a case of nostalgia
instead of an emotion taking place now.

Happy isn't hard to achieve, you just aren't trying to achieve it.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Black Aquarium

So I started my aquarium back up
(after a good 4 year hiatus)

So a lil older, a bit more grown

I came back with a smooth, impressive

Black Aquarium
Azul is my Betta fish
He's a beast when it comes to eating his bloodworms. So vicious. A curious lil fella that gets into the weirdest positions and places
and does the oddest things
but it's cool because that iridescent color
he's got going on is immaculate!

4 African Dwarf Frogs
Yes, 2 are actually albino/white/blonde
I've always had these frogs as a pet ever since 4th grade
It's fun to watch them inhabit the bottom of the aquarium
sans the fighting

One pretty cool aquarium

Sunday Night

My drank, my view; downtown is how we do!
[Arizona Ice Tea x Cityscape]

chill way to relax on a hot ass AZ night.

Monday, May 28, 2012

#MusicMonday: Anjulie - "Rain"

Anjulie - "Rain"
Sometimes I just like to chill out to this song. 

is a Canadian "pop" singer/songwriter from Guyana of Indian descent
now working on here sophomore album 
after several hits off of her '09 debut album 'Anjulie.'

But back to the song...
 We all know this feeling of
"wanting to get back with an ex 
but knowing better and knowing you shouldn't
so you're then tortured and left thinking to yourself what to do type deal"
 but I truly think Anjulie completely captures it in it's entirety. 
The feeling of being caught out in the rain. 
In between 2 decisions because you're living lived both right and wrong.
Rain, one of the purest moments of reflection.
Causing you to be completely submerged in thought, pain, pleasure
with no shame liberating yourself or with total regret, crying out in camouflaged sorrow.

"I know you're not good for me
And I know you're like a drug, it's killing me.
But I don't wanna get my fix
No baby, I don't want to let you in our out."

I easily play this 5x in a row.
It's that real.

#MusicMonday 5/28/12

Skinny Tie

Killed it with the skinny tie

Saturday, May 26, 2012


Funny how inspiration can come from the most unlikely of places.
At times it's at an all-time low.
Other times it's coming at me from everywhere and everything and it just can't be contained. To where I'm bursting with it and sometimes have no idea what to do with it.
It's immobilizing. And you just have to wait until the wave subsides...
Like a midnight rush, blessings in disguise.
And now more than ever I'm feeling inspired, no lie.
I've always knew there were beautiful things out there,
(I've seen them myself)
I've always knew there was more and wanted better, wanted the best for myself
(I've dreamed and made it a goal for myself)
but actually witnessing and being in the presence of these intangibles
makes me want to go even harder to take it even farther.


Some from people, people I view in the highest regards.
People who will never know how big of an impact they have on me,
Regardless of how well I truly know them but never letting that change the fact they inspire me.

Some from things, things overlooked, things forgotten.
Things not as mentioned, things not regarded as cool or the norm, things not as socially accepted.
No matter how odd or off because it's those that in get me going.
The way things should be and how I want them to be.

Some from places, places that only take a mood or a mindset to transition to.
Places that a mere image can have you jet-setting with the feeling.
Places where being in it's presence will have will have it undeniably apparent.

Ultimately, this collaborative conglomerate of inspiration keeps me fueled and motivated to do, to be, to achieve.
Life... that's inspiring enough
And I'm inspired!


Last week I was straight got down on these bad boys.
Similar arepas of Latin American cuisine, 
Pupusas are a traditional El Salvadorean meal
made of masa, quesillo y carne 
(res, pollo or pulled pork)
usually accompanied with 
black beans, cheese, curtido y salsa.

So good.
Better than good.
These are heaven!

Meat, cheese and masa 
blended together like that should be a SIN!

My advice:
find you own local pupusa spot, rapido

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

M.I.A. - "Bad Girls"

M.I.A. -"Bad Girls"

"Live fast, die young. Bad girls do it well"

So, just in case you didn't already know
M.I.A. is that chick!
[and will always be in my book]

I've always been a huge fan of M.I.A.
since her first album 'Arular' to 'Kala'
(even her 3rd album '/\/\ /\ Y /\').
With her world/dancehall/electronic/hiphop beats
and her war influenced edgy political/cultural and sometimes sexual lyrics
and unique style & artwork.
This British rapper, M.I.A. has just always been a favorite artist of mine.

So now M.I.A. coming out with this new video for "Bad Girls"
She on some next level dope shit!
Stuntin' mad hard all over the place
with both style and substance.

From car surfing Middle Eastern style to the lyrics
M.I.A. is shutting things down!

the video just goes HARD


I'm doing it!
Insanity1 Pictures, Images and Photos

It is a insane as the commercial.
I'm 2 weeks into this 60 day program.
kicking my ass!

I'm eating better/healthier.
I'm being pushed past my limits
Digging DEEPER!

[2 weeks of Insanity]


Jeremy Scott
Wings 2.0 by ADIDAS

wings 20 Pictures, Images and Photos


What can I say...
I'm fly!