Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Last Weekend [4/24/2010]

This photo pretty much sums up my weekend.
-King's Cup
-folks got drunk
-homie threw up
-the lone homegirl
-"Never Have I..."
great times & a camera that caught it all

Drunk people are quite entertaining.

top to bottom
Johnny Ray, Jesse, Jandro, Jojo, Nando, Luis, Mikeman [me]
photo [taken] by Will.

Anyways, so I layedd down 'cause I was tired and it like like 2 in the morning. All of a sudden, Luis got on me to wrestle 'cause I always get him. [Dudes rough house as our parents say.. what'd you expect]
But then automatically Nando got on top of him and the next thing I know I got everyone on my back and I'm at the bottom of a dog pile!
Backbreaking & hard to breath to say the least haha
I'm guessing I had close to 1000 lbs on me!?!?
Yet all I could hear was Luis on top of me saying, "I cant breath! I cant breath!" and by the looks of this photo....
I'd say Jojo [the girl] couldn't breath.
She told me her ribs hurt BAD haha

Night well spent,

Monday, April 26, 2010

#MusicMonday: Sterling Simms - "Jump Off"

Sterling Simms - "Jump Off"

This was my cut back in '07
"You know you 'bout to be my JUMP OFF!"

#MusicMonday 4/26/2010

#MusicMonday: C-SIDE ft. Keyshia Cole - "Boyfriend/Girlfriend"

C-SIDE ft. Keyshia Cole - "Boyfriend/Girlfriend"

C-Side's first hit was "Myspace Freak"
(an obvious hit on Myspace)
but this track made me a fan of theirs
such an old school feel and Westcoast, summertime beat.
Reminscent to summer crushes and chillin' by the beach or poolside.
Keyshia obviously does her thang on the track
but C-SIDE does their thang too

makes me wanna get boo!

#MusicMonday, 4/19/2010

#MusicMonday: Johnny Polygon - "Riot Song"

Johnny Polygon - "Riot Song"

such a laid back sound & flow
Johnny Polygon is a new artist but not new to the game
his whole style and approach is something new and exciting
and right up my alley of music

the mixtape 'Rebel Without Applause' is the BIZNESS

#MusicMonday 4/12/2010

#MusicMonday: O-Town - "Liquid Dreams"

O-Town - "Liquid Dreams"

Idk what triggered me to think of Diddy
but that caused me to think of all of his FAILED pop acts
[O-Town, Da Band, Dream, Danity Kane, Day26]
this has got to be the most WHACKEST thing he's produced
They went NO WHERE!
plus for a title like that...
the song needed to be far more sexual + they were a POP act

#MusicMonday, 4/5/2010

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Color of the Year: YELLOW

Color of the Year


The year still has a ways to go but already I've OD'd onYELLOW.
Button ups, Polos, T-shirts so sick!
I'm a sucka for bright, fly & flashy clothes
its just my steelo.
Knowing not many people can pull of yellow
Plus yellow is a happy color,
it puts a smile on ladies' faces haha

& clearly it looks good on me!

Chemistry (CHM 130)

I like learning how and why things in nature happen, how we classify things, the laws and rules of why this is the way it is, and etc.

Therefore I took CHM 130 in college this semester because I thought I'd like to learn about the chemical composition and structure of different elements and what they're used for, what they do, why happens when they mix, etc...

Long story short, I was WRONG.
I don't like CHEMISTRY anymore.
I want to experiment, learn characteristics of elements and chemicals and stuff like that NOT balance chemical equations, do stoichiometry, convert Fahrenheit/Celsius to Kelvins, use moles and Avogadro's number and all this damn math. I HATE MATH with a passion...but that's a whole 'nother blog post. Plus waking up at 5:30 to get there by 7 is NO BUENO!
I wanted CHEMISTRY to be fun discovery, not math galore.

I have chem lab on Fridays, which is my favorite part of the class. 4/16/2010 We did a lab on pH levels of different chemicals [unknown to us students] where by adding a few drops of the red cabbage indicator to each of the clear chemicals we found out if it was acidic or basic. It was fun and easy lab and was the best one yet. I learned first hand what chemicals ARE acids and ARE bases.

This was why I fell in love with science in the beginning for the discovery not the math.

Scientifically a proven fact,