Monday, December 12, 2011

"I Hate Stripping"

I Hate Stripping
Loany G

I got mad love AND respect
for this girl
It's the reality of some
[and just entertainment for others].
And I appreciate the fact she gave us the real deal
the raw truth.

This is the real!
and to simply put it
It's like that...

College comes with a cost
no guarantees

You gotta make it somewhere
Everyone starts somewhere
Only you can guarantee it for

Is your future assured?


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My Birthday Weekend '11

Nov 6
was my birthday!
The goal was to celebrate it the whole weekend long!
nothing happened.
I did nothing for my birthday...
No club, dinner, club, party, movies, & the bestfriends completely forgot.
Had the birthday dinner with the fam and that's it.

Not trying to put anyone on blast
my friends definitely didn't come through this year.

My birthday definitely didn't go as planned but neither does life...

Happy Birthday me

Friday, August 19, 2011

The WEEKEND before school starts...

It is the weekend before school starts
and I really just want to
just one last time before the start of school
[music x dancing x late nights x ihop x friends x talking shit x having a great time]
but in reality I'll probably do nothing.

in hopes of going out tonight...

if I hear my song

Monday, July 18, 2011


My latest purchase
the "Faux Sho" tee
a 100% cotton v-neck graphic t-shirt
that comes in various colors:
white, black and teal.

I think it's a pretty cool t-shirt
especially since I'm not a graphic tee
kinda of guy.

It gets nothing but complements
when I go out from both
the guys and girls.

It's just a real fly tee!

Get yours here
by Guess

The "When I'm Gone" Effect

The "When I'm Gone" Effect
It's sad to say it comes to everyone as a surprise...
but it's no surprise.
Classic case of boy meets girl/girl meets boy.

Guys, you find a good chick
that you like more than the fact she likes the dick.
Ladies, you find a good man
that likes you more than your looks.
She's beautiful, she cares, doesn't want you just for your money and you know good and well she could be the one.
He's handsome, treats you right, doesn't want you just for the title and you know good and well he could be the one.
There's good chemistry, great personality, nonstop humor,
a wit & intelligent and love felt by all
his for her, hers for him.
A good love.

The love is going nice and strong
But as time goes on
they ran out of it,
something went rancid!

Somehow, at some time
things were said:
words and objects.
Things were hurt:
hearts and feeling, prides and egos.

As they make their final arguments
she says, "you'll never know how good you had it."
He says something that hits home HARD and hurts...
She gathers her strength and states,
"you'll miss me when I'm gone."

The trial was ugly
the verdict is: no longer together
irreconcilable differences he/she was an [censored]
you're now broken up because you both screwed up!

It's a shame it took a break up for him
to realize how good of a woman he had
It's a shame it took a break up for her
to realize how good of a women she is.

It's the age old "when she's gone"/"when he's gone" or "when I'm gone" effect.
No matter if it was she or he who ultimately messed up in the relationship.
We all know not to get into a relationship if we're not ready
and better yet,
getting into a relationship to make you feel happy is a recipe for disaster
because 2 unhappy people starting a relationship only makes one miserable couple.
You're only getting back what you put in.

With that being said,
Why get into a relationship to test your worth?
Or better yet, to find out what your worth is?
Again, it's sad to say, people only discover their worth
"when I'm gone" after the damage is done,
the undervaluing of self by self and others.

It's about time people, both men and women
know their worth before getting into a relationship.
Know your worth so that it can
never be undervalued, destroyed or treated any less that what it is.

Know your worth
so that next time you won't fall victim to the realization of the "When I'm Gone" effect.

Friday, May 20, 2011


It's funny because...
When I look at the bigger picture or the full scheme of things
I never see myself in it.

I see my friends, my family, even just some people I know...
doing things, accomplishing goals, living out their dreams.
And the harder I look I see things I'd like to think I can take credit for,
things I think I helped or supported others to get
but still no me in the picture.

Traces of me but no photos of me.

I see me in the framework of my friends and family
but no me in sight of this photo I hold in sight.
This was never caused the concern of "I will never become anything"
but I'd like some confirmation, anything!?

I NOW know that's I'm not to see it, I'm to create it.
The bigger picture is everchanging... with me in mind!
You simply can't take a picture of your work with you in it.
I'm still in the process of making my completing masterpiece
one day at a time until the day its mine.
Until then these are just glimpses of my work underconstruction.
As a result, regardless of if the picture currently changes for better or worse
it's the framework, the frame of mind that makes or breaks the photo.
Change your mindframe and you're never out of frame.
I finally realized I'll never be in the frame because I'm still composing my life's work.

Monday, February 21, 2011

The Drive

Sometimes I wish I would of started this drive a little earlier on this journey.
I was always the type to say,
"we'll get there when we get there"
but now I want to be there and I'm not there.
My dream, my goal
it was never slept on
it just wasn't as aggressively pursued.
I spent too much time in cruise control and not in the fastlane.
Now my goal is sightseeing and I'm fixated on the sights.
I have dreams, supreme.
Entangled in the arts, caught up is my heart.
My goals in life have multiplied,
pursuing them I'll do until the day I die.
I wish I could paint you this picture
picturesque & panoramic
I'm not too far off because I'm in the vicinity
but I've got to get going because now is where I want to be
but I'm still working on getting there.
Now is the place and this is the this the time,
so don't count me as late,
I just merely haven't arrived.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Current Standings...

I think I just needed to vent so...
I'm gonna write because that seems to be the only thing I can get right.

Not really sure where to begin...
or where it began.
Things seem to fall apart
it likes making me a part.
I try my best not to fall apart
but it's hard to conceptualize
this shit isn't art!
It's nothing new or foreign
I just wish I had better control of the reigns.
They seem to like to fail me
All at once, all for one, I am the one
that lucky son of a gun.
Sometimes they win, sometimes I can't win
but no matter who wins they never get the best of me
and that substance comes from within.
Many give up and plenty give in
but no matter the odds
I'm guaranteed
the Win.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


"I hate money 'cause it makes me numb" -M.I.A.

This really sets the tone as to how I really feel about money
because at times I just wanna yell
'cause that shit could honestly burn in hell!

You can't live with it and you can't live without.
It's the root of all evil and it truly corrupts.

"Money doesn't make you happy but it does make it more enjoyable."

Yes money's out there to be made but it never seems to fall my way.
I only seem to splurge & ball Nov 6, my birthday.

If you could take it all away, you might just make my day
but then again how would I make it in life?
I would still need to support my kids & a wife.

Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous
you could really miss me with that bullshit
I know I'd take what is needed and give the rest to the needy

Just me, my team, fam & my breezy
Some to make my weekends fun, worthwhile & easy
St. Tropez or LA
NYC or Miami
London, DR, PR
Tokyo, you greedy hoe!

The mighty dolla corrupts from within
setting eyes on things that are not the price

So I'll take this dollar and this dream
'cause cash truly does rule everything around
and spend it only on what's necessary



Do you have it?
Not hours and minutes
but the infinite occurance of past, present & future
Time is neither mine nor yours
Time we are yours
So don't tell me we have all the time in the world.
Live the day to the fullest
Not as if you have tomorrow to make it up.
Live for the moment
(Like you own it)

Our most valuable resource wasted,
Wasted on the past, not living in the present and formulating the future.

If you could just look past the past by putting your past in the past
Live each day to its full potential granted second chances are rare to come by but we're given a fresh start in life everyday
makes the uncertain gift of the future a little more clearer
day by day.

HOE [the double standard]

Here's my point of view on the matter.
Ladies, you complain about them
BUT I really don't SEE or UNDERSTAND WHY?

Christina Aguilera really explains in her song, "Can't Hold Us Down" feat. Lil Kim

"if you look back in history
its a common double standared of society.
The guy gets all the glory the more he can score
while the girl can do the same but yet you call her a whore.
I don't understand why its okay
the guy can get away with it, the girl gets named." -Xtina

This has been an issue throughout time.
The more girls the dude gets the more of the man homie is.

"Here's something I just cant understand,
if a guy have 3 girls then he's the man.
He can even give her some head or sex her off
but if a girl do the same then shes a whore." -Lil Kim

The lyrics are blunt & abrasive but the truth usually is
and I agree with it [and the lyrics] 100%
Well you shouldn't be you see...
I have higher standards for women.
Having hoes is more of man thing!
WOMEN should be ladies and know better that to be treated as such and to even do the same because I feel you should/can/will do better.
Don't get me wrong men shouldn't treat women that way from the beginning but with females on the receiving end or enacting the in such behavior it doesn't make me think you any better of you.

Food for thought,

My 2 Cents (Advice...)

Take my advice; I'm not using it anyways...

Well in actuality, you should.

My 2 cent is 2 cent well earn and should be taken with much consideration.
I say this not in conceit or cockiness because that's I'm definitely NOT but because I care enough to give it to you and not see you fail or lose your way. And regardless if you consider me a friend, if I consider you a friend of mine I will honestly do whatever it take to see you make it and never see you cry, hurt or mad.

I realize I give out wise, sound and understanding advice out to friends & family (as I've been told). I know it's because I truly naturally am a nice guy and hate seeing people doing bad & distraught. I genuinely love to see people doing good and thriving on their own 2 feet, making something of themselves.

I know no matter what you're going through there's someone out there who wishes they could walk in your shoes.

So it kills me to see individuals I honestly care about pain, sad, etc. and if as cliche as it sounds I would do anything to turn the frown upside. I've always been the big brother with friends and fam always looking out for everyone and it truly comes from the heart. So know if my words hurt it's 'cause they're a bit blunt but its 'cause I care. And if I'm there for you when you're down or at your lowest then you can rest assure I'll be there when you're feeling good and at your greatest!

Yet I know some people would only listen to me if I was a mp3...