Monday, December 28, 2009

FEAR [inspired by Jazmine Sullivan]

One of my favorite songs
"Fear" by Jazmine Sullivan.

"This may sound silly but its true
So don't pretend it ain't you too
We're all afraid of something there
Cuz you ain't human without FEAR"

I believe "there's nothing to fear but fear itself." But since fear is something we manifest in our minds due to either a rational or irrational hysteria its hard to void on our own because of our individual rational or irrational selves.

Too heavy? Too deep?
Well its simple actually. But we make it up to be more than what it really is by personifying something that's not even real. I wish I could give you advice on how to conquer your fears but I've got some of my own.

3 Biggest FEARS:
I'm deathly pyrophobic.
[tell me fire doesn't burn and I won't fear it --- impossible]

Afraid of heights
[probably why I'm afraid of roller coasters haha]

Fear of not knowing what my future holds...
[I believe this is a loaded fear. Both a fear of time (the uncertain future) and not: knowing and being in control (the uncertainty).

I get really contemplative and start to wondering what my future holds for me. Like what's going to happen (in my life). With life there's no guarantee or guidebook to lead the way... in this journey called life. So when I really get to thinking about my future it truly does freak me out NOT knowing what is to become of me. If I'm doing the right thing? Making the right moves? etc. I overanalyze everything before I make a move and sometime I even think I kill myself over for that. [I'M DEFINITELY A THINKER] But before I kill myself in thought over analyzing life I stop and think...
"And if everything turns out
The way I hope it goes
Then I can't wait to find out
What it is that God knows" - Mutya Buena

Only God knows what's in store for me
So Imma just let his plan for me ride out

fears handed to God,

Friday, December 25, 2009

TOP 3 Christmas Songs

Merry Christmas Pictures, Images and Photos
hope you all are having a great one with family and friends

Now as much as I love music
(unlike some of yall) I like Christmas music.

Top 3 Christmas songs are...

TLC - Very Merry Christmas

This is just a really fun track
TLC always so so much personality in everything they do and this song set the Christmas season for me.

Destiny's Child - Opera of the Bells

Beautiful is the best way I can describe it.
I've always loved this song and I've always loved DC
so when they coved they song....
the harmonizations are ON POINT!

& lastly for laughs
Chunky P.A.M. - Merry X.X.X.L.M.A.S.

She got some fat rhymes & some fat food too haha
She delievers the real realness of Christmas
the food.
this is just a funny song...
its even on my ipod haha

Merry Christmas

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Its been 5 MONTHS...

It's officially been 5 MONTHS since I had my anaphylaxtic reaction.
To fill you all in 3 months ago I July 19, 2009 I had an anaphylaxtic reaction to KIX cereal in which I was rushed to the ER, almost died & spent the night in ICU until my release the next day.

Since then I have been going to doctors and an allergist where I got tested to see what I am allergic to & to find out what triggered/caused my anaphylaxtic reaction.

The results showed that
Nuts & Oats,
NSAIDs [non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs]
(and clearly to stay away from them because the next reaction can be worse)

Since then life (foodwise) has SUCKED BIG TIME!
candy Pictures, Images and Photos

Cereal (most cereals) --- consists of OATS
Candy Bars --- most are made of PEANUTS
Snacks --- have both: NUTS & OATS
NO Oatmeal, NO Banana Nut Bread, NO Granola
NO Oatmeal Cookies or White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Coolies
[my favorite this allergy FML]
NO ibuphofen because its an NSAID.
NO Chick-fil-A --- chicken cooked in Peanut Oil.

I basically have to check the ingredient list of most of the foods I eat (especailly its it looks questionable having a potential to have OATS or NUTS) & I have to clear all OTC meds thru my allergist first to prevent another reaction.

I feel like I'm on a "Food Lockdown" [no Kanye haha]
I cant eat shxt without knowing whats in it... but hey that's my life and I'm living it! I'm living and that's all I can really be thankful for. Thank God!


Friday, December 18, 2009

The Shake Weight for Men Workout [infommercial]

I mean job well done.

I mean the bicep, shoulder, chest workout "concept"
looks like you're JERKIN!
(& I'm not talking bout the New Boyz "Your A Jerk")
I was like WTFeezy when they came out with this commercial, "like are they really selling a borderline pornographic workout equipment?"
I should be alone in my room wit this workout equipment
(for private use ONLY) haha jk.
Plus the fact that the commercial has the 3 dudes "working out" with the Shake Weight machine so close to each other.
They might as well do the do and jack each other off. Right?


this post is done all in good fun folks

Lady Gaga - "Teeth"

In case you don't already know
I'm a big LADY GAGA fan
[fashion x music x lyrics x persona]
Bought the The Fame MONSTER --- loved it BIG TIME.
"Bad Romance" was my shit! [still is...]
But track 8 on The Fame MONSTER is my nu nu shxt! --- "TEETH"

take a listen...

"take a bite of my bad girl meat
(bad girl meat)
now show me your TEETH

The beat is tribal and makes me wanna do start something crazy or march or step or something??? Lyrically... in case you didnt catch it because it's all in her lyrics AND I aint making any of this stuff up.

This chick is talking bout "Gettin' Some" Head! (Gettin' Gettin' Some Head). Just straight up RAW and gettin' her kicks out of it by having her men show her their TEETH haha
that nasty grin ;D
[[and that's all I have to say on the matter]]
Classic! Original!
"Now show me your teeth"


Sunday, November 8, 2009

Taylor Swift on SNL "My Monolouge Song"

In case you dont already know
I'm a SNL [Saturday Night Live] junkie!
and unless you've been living under a rock you had to of seen
the Kanye mic snatch from Taylor Swift @ the MTV VMA's this year.
I rep'd #teamTaylor cuz that shit was F%#K'd up & uncalled for
but then again it's Kanye, tho I did joke and say,
"Taylor's really not that Swift if Kanye had snatched the mic from her"
All I know is Lady Gaga sho as HELL wouldn't of allowed that shxt!

Well, Nov 7, Miss Swift got her time to shine on SNL
Revenge a la Kanye

Taylor Swift
speaks on that Joebro that broke up with her via the telephone,
that Werewolf (Taylor Lautner) in Twilight and even *looks cowardly* then gets delievers her Kanye line LMAO
Very clever Taylor!
this clip had me
definetly a knee-slapper
she's got stage presence & pretty funny

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Arizona State Fair '09

Arizona State Fair
Oct 16 - Nov 8

So in case you DON'T live in the AZ
the Arizona State Fair or the state fair (as the natives call it)
comes around once a year at about the same time (mid Oct - beginning of Nov).
The state fair is filled fun for all with rides, games and food for any&everyone. And with a $10 dollar admission it better be haha!
There's a petting zoo, funhouses, loads of rides, BOMBASS fair food like Turkey leg, Kettle Corn, hotdogs, Mexican food [GO FIGURE this is AZ haha],
OLD SCHOOL JAMS stores along with our annual OLD SCHOOL JAM where we get like 7 old school artists together to preform some of their hits! Definetely a nice show and the stadium is always packed & they always have
MC Magic from the NB Ridaz.
[yall aint know bout him] and last but not least we always have rigged games where you win fish or stuffed animals BIG & small.










"this used to be a FUNHOUSE but now its filled with Pirates..."


*note I do not like heights & being off the ground so NO i rode nothing & will not ride most of these*
Rollercoaster = DEATH

So every year the fair deep fries or chocolate covers something
that not ought to be as food. Last year they had Deep Fried Twinkies????? Definetly not eating that. Do you know how many perservitives are in a Twinkie? If there were a neclear war and we were all wiped off the face of the earth the only thing that would remain are cockaroaches & twinkies....

This year it was Chocolate Covered SCORPIONS

$4 - Chocolate Covered Scorpion

Scorpio eats Scorpion
it tasted like ehh but going down it tasted like a SHOT of ALCOHOL
due to the poison

dos grillos - CRUNCH TIME!
[$1.50 for 2 chocolate covered crickets]

Mikeman's Birthday [Nov 6]

Happy Birthday Pictures, Images and Photos
Name: Mikeman
DOB: 11/06/1989
Age: 20
Mood: On top of the freakin' WORLD!!!!!

Yes, yall Nov 6th is my BIRTHDAY!
*airhorn airhorn*
prior to the day I was scheduled to work which was a personal killjoy but a #textsthatgetnoreply got REPLIED to! My co-worker Aubree was willing to cover my shift friday and work for me. Unfortunetly, I still had to go to class with a math test awaiting my presence but its all good cuz I sho did show that test who's the BOSS! and finished school by 12.

Rewind to the 11/5
My homie Luis have been waiting & talking bout My BIRTHDAY since it was October 6th. And on Twitter Vero, Frankie & Dtay (my homies) and Dara were counting down the minutes like some late night tweeters haha! As soon as it turned 12,
I got the Happy Birthday tweets from
@veroooo , @frankenstein_23 , @fuckurlifebitch & @menaababyy22
and even earlier in the day a Happy Birthday tweet from @xCurry08 in the BK & @ZIONOLOGY in the UK!
& as the day progressed I got my BDAY tweets from
@MissDimplez , @MsErika1986, @LiL_Ta, @AntonioReyX360, @YoungMelo & @WonderWomanAce.

My Facebook is filled with Happy Birthdays from everyone
[Kaitlan, Zion, Reggie, Tony, Frankie, Corey, Mena, Bryttenni, Alex, La'Nai, Glo, Chirs Jervis, Damaris, Ami, Renaka, Wilmar, Diana, Mickell, Corrin, Aaron, Evelyn, Greg, Becky, Maria, Mirna, Tere, Elisabet, Mme, Erika, Maleah, Mykaela, Josh & Tristian]

I got mad Happy Birthday texts
[Vero, Luis, Mena, Eric, Dtay, Kaity, Evelyn, Cass, Jess, Nessa, Shaq, Marlin, Maritza, Odalys, Stephanie, Rebecca & Melissa & convos]

I even got sung Happy Birthday en espanol haha
[thx Kurt haha]

& of coarse Myspace gave me love too!

ALL in all I definetely felt loved today!
Thank you all for making my 20th Bday the effin BEST!


BEST Happy Birthday wish
"Happy bday big dick ass mother fucker. Hope its the shit and I wish you the best pussy ever! Lol" - ERIC

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Yeah, Halloween!
Where girls get to dress SLUTTY sexy (borderline strippers). Kids dress up & recite those infamous words "Trick or Treat" and candy is given out for FREE in return. & Guys hook up with the hottest costume (GIRL) or get stupid drunk and yeah...
You can be whatever you want from Vampires and mummies to Batman or Superman. Your dress up options are limitless. A good time is spent by all...

All except for me. See I've never celebrated Halloween!
[I can see you all gasp in your computer seats haha]
I'm Christian and because of my mom we (my bro & I) just
NEVER dressed up
NEVER went around the neighborhood 'trick or treatin'
NEVER went to the high school Halloween parties in high school.
We'd just stay at home on Halloween, put a sign on the door saying "we don't celebrate Halloween" and listen as they ring the doorbell expecting candy, getting no reply.

It was all pretty kinda sad considering EVERYONE else was out celebrating and I'm forced to be HOME. It was the one day I kinda felt outta place.

Well, now I'm a little older nad in college and have 4 Halloween party invites: 1 friend, 1 fam, 2 different clubs. I'm on like Halloween OVERLOAD! Sad thing is since I've been deprived of Halloween for so long I have no real desire to dress up. Attend YES, but since its a Halloween party NO. But YES cuz I've never been to one, but NO cuz I've NEVER "dressed up" before.

Confusing huh?
Well, I am. IDK what to do. I'm not going to force myself to dress up but I think it would be cool if I did. Plus the day Halloween comes and I get an influx of texts about where Imma party it up at? What parties? .... how loser is "I dont celebrate Halloween" gonna sound "so I'm not doing anything"... LAMEASS Mike.

I'll figure it out sooner than later.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Clubbin' is a drug & MIKEMAN was abusin'

Besides school starting Aug 24, 2009
[working x doing homework]
My weekends have honestly been spent
I go to have fun NOT to hookup
its just a release from the mundane of day to day
So I go out! & have been going to the clubs
(just about every weekend)

I'm no clubhead were I have to go, need to go, itchin', fienin' to go.
Its all out of pure fun. Hittin up the club scene is just something I enjoy. Beautiful ppl ladies, great music (depending on the DJ), dancing, tweetin' of coarse (I gotta share with yall the bullsh*t that happens) and just the whole experience of clubbing.

SO here's some pix of the HOW WE DO!

the bestfriend & mother effin sis



the clubbing atmosphere

with the homegirl Florazalia (Flor)



nice light show up
like the Tribe Called Quest album cover

they was jerkin' by the bar
[I SWEAR - nice shot tho huh? haha]

*note all these photos were taken around the time school started cuz
clubbing x school dont mix well academically*


Monday, October 5, 2009

"Out of Love"

"Out of Love"
by Michael A Bowens

In and Out of Love like Cheri Dennis
Back and Forth like a game of tennis
Same thang expecting a change
This is INSANE!
And yet we live it.
You wanna break but not break up
We're exclusive but I saw you with him
I love you, I hate you
let me love you, fuck you
like opposites we attract
but like damn magnets we repel
We don't fight tooth & nail because we're not together,
So I can't "go to hell"
You're volatile and unstable
And for us I was willing and able
But I was playing you, playing me
We both can see that this cant be
Thinking the same will change
living the beautiful insane
Score: 0 to 0 love
because there is no love, love
I'd love a rematch
but 'til then
Out with Love.


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Why I dont like Jason Derulo.

Jason Derulo - "Whatcha Say"
So this song should be on radio stations all across America by now. It's really became a hit. If you have not hear wit your "living under a rock self"
Jason DeRulo - "Whatcha Say"

Now as good and as loved as this song is... It gets on my ever loving NERVES like no other. I have to change the radio station because of.. well several reasons all stemming from this.

SNL skit "Dear Sister Parady" of the OC

this skit is effin HILL-LARRY-US to me!
I'm sorry if you dont see the humor in it, but the song they play as each SNL actor & extra gets shot is what I think of and what plays in my head as I hear the song on the radio. It makes me wanna laugh & think of Jason DeRulo's first hit nothing less than a remake of

fed up,

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Bowling [Sept 11, 2009]

First & Foremost
God Bless all of those who were affected as a result of 9/11.

So after work at 8pm
I went to my high school's Homecoming and let's just say its not the same since my class left. I had a freshman really try to step up to me, I said "really kidd?" and the child fell back. These lil freshman need a reality check or at least an attitude adjustment to say the least with they yey tall [SHORT ASSES] selves.

I met up with some friends & teachers had a good time recapping. Then the game was over - my high school lost their Homecoming game (no surprise there) and I and my friend didn't want to go home yet so we went bowling!

Burnswick Bowling
[67th Ave & Indian School Rd, Phx, AZ]

me bowling

I honestly suck at bowling. I'm no pro but I still love the sport! We 6 had a great time bowling, but how could you not especially with good friends on a Friday Night.

Mikeman x Marlin
[clearly I was sanging on the right haha]

Marlin x Frankie

the homies from high school
Veronica x Franklin x Mikeman
[@veroooo, frankenstein_23, @MikemanxMiguel]

My bestfriends
the Mexicasian VERO & my El Salvadorian amigo FRANKLIN
[She's really not Asian, she's just a lil chinita haha and Frankie is half Mexicano. Marlin although class of 09 she's still cool... I mean I went to France & Spain with her! We (Frankie & Vero) have been homies since high school and all though we graduated in '08 we still thick as theives & thigh like spandex haha always causing chaos on Twitter and if I go MIA one evening I'm probably talking to these kids haha. Although its a change from going from seeing them everyday in class in high school, I get to get kick it with them on the weekends]

Well Round 1 of bowling I got 3rd.
Round 2 - I WON! @veroooo U lose, [@frankenstein_23 U lose
And a good time was spent by all.

the winner,

Monday, August 24, 2009

BK & birds

Monday [Aug 17, 09]
I finally gave into my love
[I'll talk more on it in a lil]

BK Mike
cuz I was hongry [not hungry]
but yall remember the crowns?
yeah I had to rock that along wit my shades, 2 cheeseburgers, fries & a drink

My love of WHAT?
I love birds: the feathers, songs, chirps, noises, colors, personality, wings, everything and I've had my ONE lone parakeet for the longest time and was afraid it was gonna die of loneliness. So after much thought I saved up enough money for a new cage, birds, food and toys...

[empty cage]

[the BIRDS]

it's been about a week I've had them so now that they are all acquainted

Blue Lady
my original bird

Kimbonbo Pepino
the green one
translation: okra cucumber
why? -the green DUH?

Nessie [Lockness Monster]
cuz she's always big & puffy
like the the Lockness Monster
k not really
I just liked the name

cuz it looks to delicately painted
like a an oil pastel colored
Easter Egg

i love my birds

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cascada - Evacuate the Dancefloor

cascada Pictures, Images and Photos
a German-Euro music group
[Europop, House, Dance, Electropop]
Smash Hit: "Every Time We Touch"

CASCADA - "Evacuate the Dancefloor"

kinda like a bootleg Lady Gaga all on her JOCK! jk ppl but I really dig this song
the bassline, the lyrical content and her voice is like WHOA!
not so much the video
But it makes me wanna dance adn ironically Get on the Dancefloor haha
She's a cutie tho especially with the black streaks int he blonde hair
likin' the lil rap too it gave it that edge it needed

yeah I like a lil electro/dance pop music

here it goes ACOUSTIC if you dont believe her talent
nevermind the German lang


Monday, August 17, 2009


I'm not easily influenced
I makes my own moves, do my own thang
eff it if im not in the "in-crowd"
[although I am haha]
cuz I can honestly care less about what other ppl are doing
So for the most part I am a pretty good guy
I got a pretty good CONSCIENCE on my shoulder
BUT I wonder about the society'
more specifically some of my friends I see do wrong, getting caught up in things they ought not.

KEEP IN MIND your "real" friends are your circle of influence.
NO ONE is perfect so they as well as we all have our flaws, vices, sins, habits, fixes, addictions etc... if you catch my drift

that battle between good and bad/right & wrong is your CONSCIENCE talking to you. Listen to it! Its a shame how most ppl ignore it or flatout dont have one. I mean dont get me wrong, we all sometimes give into temptation although the idea is to fight it because its bad for you but some ppl just lavish in the id [or live & love to do bad] and it really puzzles me how corrupt, evil and self-destructive ppl can be.

AT the slightest idea of maybe its okay, just this once comes into play
this thought does too
its something I got from my Sunday school class. Its put the whole saying on a global perspective so I you can picture the world if everyone sinned as such. It puts that old saying "if Jimmy jumps off the bridge are you gonna jump off the bridge with him?" concept to shame because it tell you WHY NOT to follow/copy what Jimmy aka others are doing.

And that tiny grain of "what if" is SQUASHED like the Devil who planted it.

I guess I'm just tired of seeing ppl act like they have no CONSCIENCE.
Me & CONSCIENCE are pretty cool, we do everything together so no worries here...

just letting you know he had something to say!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Buffalo Exchange & ZIA's

does have its lil HOT SPOTS
I hit up two of mine Sat [AUG 8,09]
Buffalo Exchange & ZIA's

is a used clothing store on 7th St & Missouri Rd in Phoneix, AZ.
They buy & sell used and vintage clothes brought in by fellow Arizonans from all over from Phx to Scottsdale, Glendale to Tucson, Tempe to Avondale haha
They sell everything: jeans, shirts, sweaters, shoes, heels, hats, shades
The thing about Buffalo Exchange is that because they buy used clothes, every visit they got something new & different and if you find something great you better buy it then and there or someone else will!
Buffalo Exchange has any from a Marvin the Martian shirt at $13 to True Religion Jeans at $55 and everything else. I go mainly to sell my old clothes which Buffalo Exchange in exchange will give you [35%] cash or [50%] store credit for your [good quality/wearable] clothes they purchased.
Well I brought in about 10 articles of clothing.
REAL nice clothes, nothing bad bout them, certified bank. Right? WRONG.
The man checking my clothes only accepted 2 of my jeans and I only got 15 BUCKS BxTCHES!
While my bro brought some jeans & shirts and made 53 BUCKS
i hate him right now...

then WE took a redeeming trip to... my musical haven

a record store that sells new, used and old albums & records.
Located on 19th Ave & Indian School Road but ZIA's are located all throught the state of AZ. The sell everything from reggae, rap, pop, adult, hip-hop, r&b, Top 20, rock, world, dance, everything even local artists like
the AZ rapper Willy Northpole.
The cool thing about ZIA's is the used CD's they sell are HALF OFF [50%] so a brazillion of their CD's are like 6.99, 7.99, 8.99 bucks... its a steal considering theres no place under the sun can still selling albums from years ago like Maxwell, Xscape, Will Smith, Atmosphere, Smilez & Southstar, S Club 7, BBMak, Brandy, Lauryn Hill, etc
I spent a good half an hour with 7 albums in hand before I finally narrowed it down to just 2 CD's.

I bought
LMFAO Party Rock & N.A.S.A. The Spirit of Apollo

and we end the day with
bird shit
bird shit!
on my windshield :D