Saturday, February 28, 2009


MISS Aubrey O'Day
[ex-Danity Kane member]
was recently on Chelsea Lately (one of my favorite comediennes.)
She speaks on her sexuality, Danity Kane & her Playboy cover

But man!
Does she love herself some Chuy!

Now you weight in
[TELL ME what you think about Auberella]

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sorry I've been M.I.A. on Blogger

Sup yall,
It's Mikeman
& I just wanted to catch you all up on the different aspects & whereabouts of my life

English is easy-peasy
Honors Forum - is so enlightening
Math - i just bombed ;)
Accounting - eh

applied for 1 this month
[ironically not a black on considering it African-American history month]
[[i applied for a hispanic one @]]

getting more hours > getting paid

i've hardly had time to find anything myself
this is truly saddening cuz i love mucis too much not to be getting that "NU NU" on my own. I still manage to get a couple tracks but not as much as before when id be going on a "Downloading Spree"

is exclusively left for MTB4
[Danity Kane UNITE!]

(starting as soon as i get outta class on friday)
have been bueno
movies, parties, kickbacks, hanging out
U know!
ya just dont F*ck with Michael's weekends
Oh ive started to do volunteer work too for a class
so thats a couple hrs of sleep gone but its for a good cause

-I stated working out in a gym
[blog will follow and further explain]
-My cousin, Anthony will be returning
for a visit from the Army next month (March)
so excited
-Kanye's new hair do is a hair DONT
-got $1,075 in the bank...pretty good for being a full-time college student working part time with a mean shopping addiction being suppressed to pay for school.
-Im thinking about starting my aquarium up again
& lastly
-I didnt really feel as black or as celebrated this AFRICAN-AMERICAN MONTH.
Did you?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Lady Gaga "LoveGame"

So Lady Gaga is so bringin that heat in her latest music video to her 4th single "LoveGame"

She's doing it up in the NYC
and really bring a hot new everchanging new look in each of her music videos...hell each scene in her music video

Anyways as you all know imma HUGE LADY GAGA FAN
& have been waiting on this single for so long

So here it is
Her style is so sick
and the Michael Jackson dance scene & crotch grab in the end is PRICELESS
along with her sequinced body haha
& the love scene in the police booth!

Lady Gaga - "LoveGame"

please pay attenion to her fashion
this girl is creating her own

Making the Band 4 PREMIERE

So its back and in action filled with...
Drama, DK, Day26, Donnie & Diddy

[so here's my recap]
Ill definetly be keeping you posted on all news DANITY KANE

Well straight from the beginning of the showed the final reaction of Dawn, Drea & Shannon from D & Aubrey's departure from the group after the MTV special last season which was so saddening. It so set the mood for them as sooooo not promising :(
lone Dawn (the spokesperson of the group) shows up to Diddy who's recording for his new album and they "talk" about DK and its status:
Shannon won't answer her phone calls supposedably her lawyer told to to say nothing and the girl has done so which is surprising cuz from the last time they were togeteher she was down with 3K (DK 5-2=3K).
NO word from D. Woods or Aubrey
So Dawn knows nada bout the girls as she tries to reach them to get this going again. Plus the girls thinks Dawn as Diddy's insider, the snitch, in cahoots which really puts Dawn in a bad position as Diddy wants the girls number to get intouch with them but Dawn cant do that... so that's what's up with DK

Donnie Klang
Basically his career is in jeopardy due to poor album sales and singles...tho part of that is Diddy's fault cuz he has HORRIBLE advertising for his artists.
Yet, still he told Donnie the reality of the situation and that he needs to promote the hell outta himself!

is in LDN
and are having a good time
Main Fear: they dont want to break up like Danity Kane did. They honestly were one of Diddy's biggest selling artists 2 #1 hits & 2 platinum albums and it ended like that. They dont wanna go out like that and basically talk about his Aubrey was wrong for doing the group wrong like that and not looking out for the good of the group AND how their sad for D. Woods getting cut like that.
They review Diddy's Making The Band history
had baaaaaaaaad chemistry (always fighting if you remember them) went gold but Diddy dismembered them
-Danity Kane
hella successful and had true talent each of them girls could sing and lets clicks & and bad chemistry ruin it for them
doesnt want to be classified as another Bad Boy failure

Career statuses:
Danity Kane - pending (missing members & no direction)
Donnie Klang - endangered (by poor sales = possible 'nother dropped artist)
Day26 - promising (thus far)

Concerned fan & Bad Boy love/hater,

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

25 Random Facts about Mikeman


25 Random Facts about MIKEMAN

1. I bite my nails

2. I love celebreality
(Celebrity news x reality TV)

3. Pyrophobic > fear of fire

4. Student Athletes who ONLY wear athletic clothes irritates me! Like all you have to wear is basketball shorts, white tees or team attire, tube socks and flip-flops??? [Im sorry if this is you]

5. I’ve got the biggest sweet tooth ever!

6. I’m a perfectionist

7. Music is my you have no idea! From waking up to going to sleep. I have so many different types of artists I love & listen to that I could care less if you like or not. But if you do we on the same page. Genres: Underground, Rap, Hip-Hop, R&B, Soul, Latin, Reggaeton, Reagae, Dancehall, Pop, Alternative, Grime/Garage, Pop, Dance and etc you know all the way down to those undefineables. Music is my heart and soul and without it i truly think ill cease to exist! A true music fan…no addict!
(Glo, Reggie, Vero, Frankie, Jessica - I know you feel me)

8. I love seafood!
(Crab legs, lobster, skrimps, clams, calamari, and fish...yum!)

9. I’m afraid of dying alone...not the fact that i can’t find anyone but girls i talk to become good friends...NOT GIRLFRIENDS :(

10. I’m pretty SPont@n3ouS & rand0m. Not like "Oh! I’m random" but like I really am and not everyone can handle that. (right Veronica & Evelyn

11. Even tho I’m tall (6’1’’ to be exact) I hate feeling short when standing next to others taller than me

12. I talk way too much

13. Textaholic

14. Although I’m BLACK I relate more to my CUBAN side and sometime have to remind myself “I am black” as far as the eye can see. I feel sometimes I suffer an identity crisis not knowing what I am at the moment because I’m both BLACK & CUBAN. And my exterior is black but my interior is Hispanic. So no NOT all the black stereotypes or Latino stereotypes work apply to me. I’m too Hispanic to be FULL Black and too Black to be FULL Hispanic But this doesn’t mean I deny either side. It’s a constant battle…I’m Black & Latino and Hispanic & African American whichever way you wanna slice it I am it. And I love it, I couldn’t wish me any other way :)

15. Je parle le français

16. Fashion/clothes/personal style is very important to me…as I’m pretty sure you’ve all see/noticed. I rock what I want ….. & swagga jackers are WHACK!

17. “I may have BIG LIPS but I have even BIGGER TALENT” – Fantasia

18. I’m a sucker for chicks in heels

19. I trip, I fall, I’m clumsy….U love it

20. Fortune Cookies piss me off

21. Even tho Arizona gets 100 and HELL degrees I love it to death…certified AZ kid

22. I’m never easily intimidated

23. My friends make me better and are honestly all I need to get by. I thanks them so for all they’ve done for me despite them ever truly ever knowing.

24. I ultimately want to become a fashion designer
[men x women clothing, pants, shirts, shoes, heels, etc]
Yes, I have a name for it
No, Im not releasing it via the internet…yet
If you like me you’ll like it

25. REAL TALK: What lies behind this big ole smile of mine are far less glamorous than the truths and realities of my life.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Lil Kim & Taj of SWV on the television...

Lil Kim
is now a contestant and part of the new cast of
Dancing With The Stars!
Yes, Lil Kim!
[There's so much I could say about this move but imma just see how this desperate career reserection move pans out]

On to a less outrageous bit of news.

Taj of SWV
Tamara Johnson-George has joined the cast of the new Survivor!
I heard this and was like what the hell?
U go on Survivor and have nothing and leave with nothing, u have to make your own shelter, food and warm and everything else - basically starting from scratch. She provide the hits back in the 90's and now shes doing this...but i give her props she says she's doing this to prove shes tougher than she looks

The 51st GRAMMY's [Mikeman's Recap]

Yo! The GRAMMY's were so star-studded and surpring...
So here are some of my highlights & lowlights of the 51st Annual Grammy's

Whitney set the damn thing off
(Go Whitney & Yes, Whitney)

Justin Timberlake & Al Green
people they preformed together

Jennifer Hudson
won & preformed
(so phenominally and emotionally)
dont know what she was wearing tho haha

Kanye x Estelle preformed
"American Boy"
featuring Kanye's black soon-to-be mullet! SMDH

[but thats a whole notha blog folks]

Coldplay won like 3 awards
Theyre my cousin's favorite group so im proud of them
Plus, Viva La Vida is pretty awesome

Lil Wayne
preformed "Tie My Hands" w/ Robin Thicke
then a New Orleans medley

Stevie Wonder & The Jonas Bros
did actually great

Last but NOT least
The first time EVER!
[Kanye, Jay-Z, Young Jeezy & Lil Wayne's]
schedules have all been open enough to preform
They smashed it!
the whole preformance had crazy energy!
Unbelieveable preformance!
(the type where if you missed it you missed out!)

And somebody say my girl MIA is a trooper!
9 months pregnant - due that day
preforming the chorus to "Swagga Like Us"
The outfit was horrible tho
but she rocked it tho

and that was my recap

Friday, February 6, 2009

Taco Friday


So im sitting here listening to iTunes on shuffle
on this eventful friday night wondering why im here and not out?
as I chow down on fish tacos


well at least the music's good
the food is great
(my moms fish tacos are better than MEXICO's haha)
have have blogs to comment
facebook & myspace
Im good