Sunday, November 8, 2009

Taylor Swift on SNL "My Monolouge Song"

In case you dont already know
I'm a SNL [Saturday Night Live] junkie!
and unless you've been living under a rock you had to of seen
the Kanye mic snatch from Taylor Swift @ the MTV VMA's this year.
I rep'd #teamTaylor cuz that shit was F%#K'd up & uncalled for
but then again it's Kanye, tho I did joke and say,
"Taylor's really not that Swift if Kanye had snatched the mic from her"
All I know is Lady Gaga sho as HELL wouldn't of allowed that shxt!

Well, Nov 7, Miss Swift got her time to shine on SNL
Revenge a la Kanye

Taylor Swift
speaks on that Joebro that broke up with her via the telephone,
that Werewolf (Taylor Lautner) in Twilight and even *looks cowardly* then gets delievers her Kanye line LMAO
Very clever Taylor!
this clip had me
definetly a knee-slapper
she's got stage presence & pretty funny

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Arizona State Fair '09

Arizona State Fair
Oct 16 - Nov 8

So in case you DON'T live in the AZ
the Arizona State Fair or the state fair (as the natives call it)
comes around once a year at about the same time (mid Oct - beginning of Nov).
The state fair is filled fun for all with rides, games and food for any&everyone. And with a $10 dollar admission it better be haha!
There's a petting zoo, funhouses, loads of rides, BOMBASS fair food like Turkey leg, Kettle Corn, hotdogs, Mexican food [GO FIGURE this is AZ haha],
OLD SCHOOL JAMS stores along with our annual OLD SCHOOL JAM where we get like 7 old school artists together to preform some of their hits! Definetely a nice show and the stadium is always packed & they always have
MC Magic from the NB Ridaz.
[yall aint know bout him] and last but not least we always have rigged games where you win fish or stuffed animals BIG & small.










"this used to be a FUNHOUSE but now its filled with Pirates..."


*note I do not like heights & being off the ground so NO i rode nothing & will not ride most of these*
Rollercoaster = DEATH

So every year the fair deep fries or chocolate covers something
that not ought to be as food. Last year they had Deep Fried Twinkies????? Definetly not eating that. Do you know how many perservitives are in a Twinkie? If there were a neclear war and we were all wiped off the face of the earth the only thing that would remain are cockaroaches & twinkies....

This year it was Chocolate Covered SCORPIONS

$4 - Chocolate Covered Scorpion

Scorpio eats Scorpion
it tasted like ehh but going down it tasted like a SHOT of ALCOHOL
due to the poison

dos grillos - CRUNCH TIME!
[$1.50 for 2 chocolate covered crickets]

Mikeman's Birthday [Nov 6]

Happy Birthday Pictures, Images and Photos
Name: Mikeman
DOB: 11/06/1989
Age: 20
Mood: On top of the freakin' WORLD!!!!!

Yes, yall Nov 6th is my BIRTHDAY!
*airhorn airhorn*
prior to the day I was scheduled to work which was a personal killjoy but a #textsthatgetnoreply got REPLIED to! My co-worker Aubree was willing to cover my shift friday and work for me. Unfortunetly, I still had to go to class with a math test awaiting my presence but its all good cuz I sho did show that test who's the BOSS! and finished school by 12.

Rewind to the 11/5
My homie Luis have been waiting & talking bout My BIRTHDAY since it was October 6th. And on Twitter Vero, Frankie & Dtay (my homies) and Dara were counting down the minutes like some late night tweeters haha! As soon as it turned 12,
I got the Happy Birthday tweets from
@veroooo , @frankenstein_23 , @fuckurlifebitch & @menaababyy22
and even earlier in the day a Happy Birthday tweet from @xCurry08 in the BK & @ZIONOLOGY in the UK!
& as the day progressed I got my BDAY tweets from
@MissDimplez , @MsErika1986, @LiL_Ta, @AntonioReyX360, @YoungMelo & @WonderWomanAce.

My Facebook is filled with Happy Birthdays from everyone
[Kaitlan, Zion, Reggie, Tony, Frankie, Corey, Mena, Bryttenni, Alex, La'Nai, Glo, Chirs Jervis, Damaris, Ami, Renaka, Wilmar, Diana, Mickell, Corrin, Aaron, Evelyn, Greg, Becky, Maria, Mirna, Tere, Elisabet, Mme, Erika, Maleah, Mykaela, Josh & Tristian]

I got mad Happy Birthday texts
[Vero, Luis, Mena, Eric, Dtay, Kaity, Evelyn, Cass, Jess, Nessa, Shaq, Marlin, Maritza, Odalys, Stephanie, Rebecca & Melissa & convos]

I even got sung Happy Birthday en espanol haha
[thx Kurt haha]

& of coarse Myspace gave me love too!

ALL in all I definetely felt loved today!
Thank you all for making my 20th Bday the effin BEST!


BEST Happy Birthday wish
"Happy bday big dick ass mother fucker. Hope its the shit and I wish you the best pussy ever! Lol" - ERIC