Friday, January 29, 2010

TOP 5 Most Highly Anticipated ALBUMS of 2010

These are my
TOP 5 Most Highly Anticipated ALBUMS of 2010

5. Christina Aguilera
Aguilera black hair sit Pictures, Images and Photos
that's all I got to say bout esta chica.
My love for this girl is rooted in that album
the girl sangs her heart out.
& Boy does she got some pipes on her.
Platinum Blond or Black I'm ready for you Xtina!

4. Lupe Fiasco
Lupe Fiasco Pictures, Images and Photos
Lupe is my dude.
he real official: swag & lyrics
Food & Liquor & The Cool were mind blowing & the straight truth
the guy is a breathe of fresh air to the hip-hop scene ever since "Kick Push"
cant wait for Lasers
(formerly LupE.N.D.)

3. Amy Winehouse
AMY WINEHOUSE Pictures, Images and Photos
"I told ya I was trouble, yeah you know that I'm no good"
& she ain't never lied.
She's a mess in a dress
(I love you best)
Her voice is incredibly soulful & jazzy
mixing the big band jazz, soul, funk & doo-wop of yesteryear
with current R&B.
& If she can sober up just a bit for album no.3
I'll even buy you booze!

2. KanYe West
WAKE UP Mr. West!
Time to put out another classic!

1. Lady Gaga
I ♥ Lady Gaga

dr dre detox Pictures, Images and Photos
cuz like shit!
how long we gotta wait for that album?
you ain't gotta detox 100% before you drop the album....
I see you hit the gym hard, now apply that to the studio
and make another classic like 2001.
Real Westcoast Gangsta Rap

*note: this isn't to say these are the only albums I've been waiting for. Its just a few that have been in-the-makings or artist long overdue for an album and their albums are all said to drop in 2010.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Your 2 cent...

Now I'm very openminded person.
Open to all & everyone's opinions.
They all matter to me. It gives a new perspective and outlook on life...
From music and decision-making to achieving my goals, etc & everything!
I am completely open to all ideas and input.
I take it all into consideration before I make my finals decision.

But if there is ever ONE thing
I hate when people try to put their 2 CENT in...
it's in anything relating to

I don't know what it is but lately everyone from friends to fam have been trynna tell me how to get a girl or what kinda girl to get. Like to date an Asian girl or "you gotta go in for the kill" or "don't text her till 3 days after you get the number Mikeman" or "I got this girl for you and she down for whatever."
I have no idea where this is all coming from.

Main point:
DON'T offer your dating/relationship advice to me. It secretly PISSES ME OFF. You ain't me. You don't know what I like or want or prefer in a woman or how I got about getting that. It's honestly been my PET PEEVE ever since the days of elementary. I'm more than capable of getting a girl and holding down a relationship without your help.

I'm not a completely private person at all... BUT I don't talk about my relationships [that's one part of my life I keep private]. This isn't to say its non-existent I just don't want people asking & intruding with advice or questions on what to do and how to get one, etc. I mean, I don't do that shit to you so don't do it with me but people still gon' put in their 2 CENT regardless...
*shrugs shoulders*

just know your 2 CENT concerning my relationships mean NOTHING are VOID.

Letting it be known for future reference,

Thursday, January 14, 2010

We got EVACUATED from Work!

Wednesday night, around 8 o'clock at work,
We (the employees) smelled smoke, burning-fire kinda smoke in the store.
We looked up and the lights showed how smokey the store was getting.
I checked with all the departments: produce (mine), meat, deli, bakery and saw NO sign of smoke from any of those places. I ran to the front of the store to tell manager about it and she already knew! [she's definitely on top of her shxt].
All employees were barely coming to here about the same news.
Our manager promptly made an announcement on the intercom to alert all customers to immediately evacuate the store because we have smoke and have no idea what's causing it. Customers left the store mid-grocery shopping leaving carts full of groceries everywhere. Then the employees left as our manager called 911.

5 minutes later...
cops came in the quickness


in total we had: 9 cops cars & 3 firetrucks that came through

had us employees waiting for about 45 mins & if rained!
in effin AZ

the smoke was due to one of the AC belts burning and catching the AC units on fire.

the whole thing was a nice lil bonding experience tho
being evacuated & all

alive & well,

Lolo's Chicken & Waffles

Chicken & Waffles

Hell Yeah!
SO one of my & my bestfriend Veronica's goal in life was to go to a Chicken & Waffles joint for breakfast but had no idea WHERE one was at in AZ... until Twitter haha
So Wednesday:
Me, Veronica (the bestfriend) & Dtay (the homie) checked it out!

Lo-Lo's Chicken & Waffles
is "the best soul food restaurant in the Valley."
10 W Yuma St.
Phoenix, AZ 85003
(located on just a block South of Buckeye & Central)

I ordered #9 - Tre-Tre's
2 legs & 1 waffle
I got a side of cornbread & Sierra Mist

Overall, it was definitely a great experience eating Chicken & Waffles w/ my peoples and a great place to have breakfast or lunch if you in AZ!
We so going back!


Monday, January 11, 2010


T-Pain Big Chain Pictures, Images and Photos

If this thang had a Twitter account, no lie - I'd follow haha
I think it'd be all insightful & funny!
PLUS, with as BIG as it might as well do something productive like tweet haha
it to just hang there aint good fo ya neck pimp.

come to think of it.
I aint seen it since...
Can we say bad investment?

plenty of Africans died to supply you with chain.
[You should really see 'Blood Diamond']

random thought of Mikeman

#MusicMonday: The Saturdays - Ego

The Saturdays - Ego 2 Pictures, Images and Photos
Vanessa, Una, Rochelle, Franki & Mollie of the Saturdays
have definitely got themselves a hit with their 2nd single from their 2nd album Wordshaker.

In the music video the girls all play a super heroine with distinct powers as they all slowly but surely get their revenge on the "superhero" [the star of the show] after going solo & ditching the girls to the side leaving the group distraught & disbanded as they sing how much he [the significant other in the relationship] has took for granted them and all the things they have done for him.
EGO took over.

Egocentric thinking and actions - this song hits it right on the dot. Point blank.
Egoism is selfish is blind to how much people actually do and care for you.
This song hits home so HARD for me relationship-wise & friendship-wise because both are the reasons for breakups and loss friends. I swear this is my song besides the fact its sung by females.
This song are my sentiments exactly.
I live these lyrics
I cosign w/ this song 100!

#MusicMonday 1/11/2010

Sunday, January 10, 2010

LA Fitness

gym Pictures, Images and Photos
I joined.

2010 Mikeman is gonna be a sexy mothafugga!
I plan on hittin' the gym hard Imma get right in this gym this year
hopefully in time for summer too!
lookin' all buff is the goal.
Thurdsay 1/7/10 my homie Luis & I joined and started working out that day.
& boy did I do damage to my arms.
"no pain no gain" tho right
I was sore like HELL the next day tho.

Working out at home just wasn't cuttin' it anymore.
There's only so much improvements I can do at home

Expecting big things #in2010 haha


Friday, January 8, 2010

Banana Chips

BANANA CHIPS! So Thursday morning after paying my tuition and getting my books for next semester, I go to McDonald's to get some food. They hadn't started their lunch menu yet so I went over to Fresh & Easy
[a new & local supermarket in CA, AZ & NV that provides the freshest food at the cheapest prices]

This place is amazing. They had fresh fruit like oranges, bananas, berries, apples, etc. Organic stuff, healthy stuff and all that good stuff... like it just makes you feel like anything you get from that place is good for you.

Anyways, I was in this place for a good 15 mins before I was about to dipset [to McDonald's] then I saw BANANA CHIPS! I hadn't eaten BANANA CHIPS since like 4th grade so clearly its been a while since I've had one of my favorite snacks. And for .89 cents I couldn't pass that up. So I bought a bag and finished it off w/ my McDonald's haha

It was a nice treat.

Nostalgic & couldn't honestly of been happier,

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

"Our friends need new friends"

the bestfriend (Jessica) & I have been thinkin' after doing a lot of hanging out over this Winter Break w/ our friends, friends' friends and our own friend.
"Our friends need new friends."

OD [overdose] // stalkers // threats // drunk fights // hospitalizations //
shit talking on an epic scale // drinking & driving //
domestic abuse on a pregnant woman

This is just the kind of drama and friends' fake friends I've been around lately intermingled with real friends. I'm there for my friends 100,020,000% there's no doubt about that. And I've been there for my friends every step of the way thru thick & think and thru bullsh*t and drama but when "your circle of friends start to endanger my circle of life" we have a problem. "Our friends need new friends."

Basically watch not only your but your friend's circle of friends also ...because when they start negitively affecting you and yours CHANGE must be made.
[which I am in the process of doing]


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My FAVORITE candy!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, its a mexican candy!
It's made of peanut and it's the best tasting candy on the face of this Earth.
I don't know if this is an Arizona thang for me or too much of a Mexican influence on me but Masapan definetely my favorite candy!
Technically, I'm supposed to be allergic to peanuts *see previous posts*
but F#CK IT!

I got like 4 left out of a 12 pack of Masapans.

*eats on while writing post*
3 left

MASAPAN loving,

Monday, January 4, 2010

#MusicMonday: Ruff Endz - No More

Yall remember this joint?

Ruff Endz - "NO MORE"

Ruff Endz were a R&B duo from B'more (Baltimore, Maryland).
& I'm telling you if you forgot this song - once the chorus hits you'll remember every word of it. This was my jam back int he day. Had no idea Ruff Endz made the song tho... or that this song is 10 years old (2000 hit single)
googled for lyrics, song and artist

"NO MORE shopping sprees, NO MORE late night creeps, NO MORE VIP's, NO MORE dough, We can't even kick it NO MORE"
feels good to be reunited wit an old school jam

2000 being considered old school?

#MusicMonday 1/4/2010

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Young Money - BEDROCK [Parody]

Young Money - BEDROCK
is the shit no doubt
"I-I-I can make yo BEDROCK girl"
especially since everyone sans SNL & maybe others got a verse on it

this parody though - HILARIOUS!
They got Weezy, Gudda, Minaj & Drake' verse in this parody.

"A-A-Are you from BEDROCK?"

Wayne... why he got bangs tho?
Gudda "I'm Barney Rubble, she Betty Rubble" haha
Nicki Minaj's verse had me weak but the whole song killed me!
Drake looked a mess (its the eyebrows) but Hey