Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Another Dollhouse Dropout?

Rumor has is SHANNON BEX of Danity Kane quit the group, according to Z100 radio station, Perez Hilton and many other blog sites. Making her the third group member out of the the group!
[You're killing me Danity Kane]

Supposedly she, the quiet one, the married one, aka the other blonde, one of my favorite members of the group got "tired of the drama, catfights and Diddy” and called it quits. Plus after being completly shocked by D & Aubrey being fired from the group she, nor anyone knows where the group stands. So I'm guessing she just couldn't take it anymore. No official statement has been released but still its smart to say she bounced leaving Aundrea & Dawn holding down DK or is on hiatus...pending if you will.

I just don't get this group & Diddy anymore. I mean from a quintet like all great pop girl groups [Spice Girls, Girls Aloud, Pussycat Dolls] to just 3 or 2 members... U just gotta be kidding me. I just hope the rumors arent true and she's still in the group! They need her. They need every member they can actually cuz they all give it theyre all. Especially with Shannon who has an impressive track record before the group and to finally make it after preforming for years in from high school, the Portland Trailblazers and a TV competition FAME...Lil Miss Shannon better keep with her dream and not let Audrey & D. Woods' departure detrail herself from that.

Hopefully on Making The Band 2009 they can reconcile cuz they killing me...

And I wish I could...

Press pause on life
Since there's no way to rewind
Really wish we had more time
Fast forward through hard time
Press pause on life
Really wanna feel like you're all mine
Everything is fine when you're here

Monday, October 27, 2008

BEER on shoe!

Yeah, it's just as it sounds.
I was working sunday (pushing carts @ Safeway) and some guy entering his vehicle hands me his cart and as he's emptying empty bottles & can on the ground. Now somehow during the exchange he miraculously spilled BEER on my SHOE!

BEST believe I was like:
-Oh Hell nah
-how random
-why me?
-on the verge of telling him off
but i kept it professional and took the cart and went on about my day.... only after going to the bathroom for repairs (wipping them down with soap & water

Plus, isnt drinking and driving BAD?!?!!

in total disbelief,

Sunday, October 26, 2008

a Persimmon...WTF?!?

My sentiments exactly!

Now I've had, tried and tasted many different foods in my life.
-calamari (squid)
-clams & mussels
-escargots (snail)
-frog legs
-goat (meat & cheese)
-mangoes, guava & papaya
-ox tails
[Some ethnic, some experimental]
and I'm sure they'll be more to come.

but a come on... a persimmon.
First time I saw it I thought it was a some weirdo mexican tomato my grandma brought from someone (which she's notorious for - bringing random fruits from neighbors).
Anyways, in a real qucik definition
a persimmon is an asian fruit (technically or scientifically a berry) yellow orange to red orange in color, now grown all over the world, ranging from .5 to 4 inches in size and coming in many different shapes (from berry shaped to peach shapped). And well they say they are sweet and have the apple-like crunch. Also fruit is just basically a fruit used by asians for asians and whatever they use it for haha.... idk

This is my persimmon

My persimmon is a "Fuyu" Persimmon. And it tasted....
faintly sweet but just odd...
[asian perhaps lol jk]

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"NO Home O..."

The funniest thing a mom could say!

Well we were dropping off my cousin and looking at the Halloween decorations already set up in her neighborhood. And our mom says "they lucky they can do that. Its probably because they have no NO Home O."

Yo my brother and I's first reaction to that was we started cracking up hysterically from shock of what she just said and just the funniness of what she just said (as our mom). Like our mom just said "No Homo"

We told her Mom u just said "No Homo" and she laughed and said I meant to say Home Owner's Association but cut myself off mid sentence... LOL

And my brother, Jr and I heard "No Home O"... like "No Homo" So we were like it all makes sense now! Haha but how funny was that...a simple misunderstanding :)

Friday, October 17, 2008

Myspace TABOO!?!

So we all know internet dating is BAD
[which means that applies to Myspace & Facebook hook ups]

Antyways... well bout a year ago there was this girl I was talking on Myspace (I know, I know this already sounds bad) and we were talking nothing serious "just talking" and well today just randomly walking throughout the campus today I ran into her!

Crazy huh? We did not plan this or anything. Swear. We just happened to meet up with each other like this. So we were talking for about 5 mins then went our different ways and that was that...

Nothing more. Nothing less.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

1st day on the JOB

So yesterday was like 4 hrs of online training aka bor-ring! Procedures, protocals etc... So boring that I'm not even gonna get into details. Just know I learned the store's history and stuff. Then thursday I did more online training and learned actual training for the job like bagging, pushing karts, greeting customers, pricechecks.

So after an hr of online training. They threw me out to the fishes - no official training. It was a whirlwind of work consisting of...
1) pushing carts and learning the secret to pushing them is to pick up, direction & push! Oh and I'm telling ya pushing carts aint no joke. Imma have some guns after pushing all those carts :)
2) bagging & there's a technique to bagging too. I CAN'T tell u what it tho...that's company policy.
3) pricechecking which I didn't know to do hehe :)
4) sweeping all the aisle up & down.
5) helping customers find products & offering to show where things are or to taking their groceries to their cars.

So I was doing this throught my work schedule going around frantically doing this, doing that. I felt like a ______ (if u catch my drift massa) haha and it just an eventful first day of work!
I worked 4 - 8 and it was wasn't tiring untill I got home and my feets (yes feets not foot) were sore.

& that concludes my first day as a courtesy clerk @ Safeway

Gangstas can vote too!

So I was at school today and went to the bathroom something not really memorable as we live out our days. [Unless someone was doing it in there of coarse haha]

But today something about today's trip to the bathroom made it worth remembering!

See the guys bathromm is comprised of a 2:1 urinals to stall (toilet) ratio, then the sink, soap, mirror, papertowel and trash. Normally found messy and/or trashy with a gauranteed broken/damaged bathroom lock, door or soap dispenser...& not to mention the pee or floaters in the toilets... keep in mind were guys So after that I believe all that's left is the decor aka the tagging & graffiti!

I'm not saying the bathroom is decked in it...but it does have it (phone #'s, crews, gangs, sides, etc) but this graffiti on the bathroom door really got me... IT READ Photobucket
Funny huh? Political Graffiti! Kinda makes u rep Obama even more knowing gangstas, crew members or plain ole taggers are political too!
[Yet, saddened at the fact that they have to express their ideas on a college level thru the means of graffiti haha]

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

An EVICTION in the Dollhouse

"tell me if your up for the challenge
cuz my heart is..."

[Danity Kane]
Well as tragic and gut wrenchening and sad as it is - DK is now 3K. At the season final of MTB4, Diddy expressed he didn't want Aubrey in the group anymore pretty harshly (well talk more about this later) and then asked D. Woods how she was feelin? She wasn't feeling the group just as the rest of the were too and because of that was kicked out of the group too... Shannon tried defending them to keep them in the group but was asked if she wanted to quit too and then stayed silent. Diddy asked the same to Aundrea. Aundrea did too in say emphasizing "Danity Kane is all here" (all 5 member & its not DK without us all). While Dawn was in shock. D & Aubrella gave their hugs and kisses, parting words and bounced. Which then left 3 [Shan, Dawn & Drea]...to fix it, continue on in the group as 3 or disband.

Now... now that Danity Kane is a threesome with Dawn, Aundrea & Shannon it totally throws off the dynamic of the group. It just doesn't look, feel or will be the same without Aubrey + D. Woods.

Now on their evictions:
-Aubrey's to me is completly understandable and justifiable. She back talks Diddy (her boss), is slick at the mouth as it is, is the most contreversial member of their group because of how she's seen in the media [nightclubs, award shows, rumors and relationships] and her sexy personality + image and the facts she needs to express herself and keep it real 100% of the time. All these factors add into why he kicked her out of Danity Kane. And as much as imma miss the sexy lil blonde it was a good call. I just hope she can change he act to become re-instated into the group.

-D. Woods' eviction was so uncalled for. Yeah she wasn't feeling the group's whole situation (but no one was) and it wasn't enough of a reason to kick her out. She simply caught the tail wind of Diddy's firing rampage. Which is tragic cuz she's one of my favorite members and there really is nothing wrong with her. Nothing at all I could say bad about her as I could for Aubrey. She brings swagga to the group and the whole black appeal!

Well, it was and still is difficult for me to see one of my favorite girl groups go down like this. And I'm just gonna have to hope for a miracle that Danity Kane gets back together. I can't bear to just see Aundrea, Dawn and Shannon reping for DK without D. Woods & Aubrey! I'm still deeply wounded from the event...hope I get better.

cuz I'm D-A-M-A-G-E-D,

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Stop the "Paperplane" REMIXs

Now M.I.A. has been one of my favorite rappers even before the hype of Pineapple Express. And as happy I am for her success I'm not cuz now she's all mainstream and everyone now is all "OMG! I love Paperplanes. It's my song!" or how its now on everyones myspace & etc

I feel like she was my lil underground Sri Lankan UK rapper. NOT yours! She's my rap/hip-hop/dancehall/electro/african/club genre'd artist...not for the public. & Her style is ridiculous from blue wigs to some diamond shades [that if i was anyone where theyd get jack] and everything in between. She's just a real unique artist and I mean I get her & her songs & what she's about and love her for it because she's unbelieveably political and most ppl don't even notice......Yet cuz "Paperplane"s had a couple gun shots ppl love it?!!

Oh! & now its not even ppl loving...rapper are all on her jock!
&& there are like SO MANY remixes of "Paperplanes" its not even funny....
Artists like 50 Cent, Lil Wayne, Bun B, Rich Boy, T.I. & (others im sure of)

Its just aggrevates me how they all hoped on the M.I.A. bandwagon when I've been there for her from the very start.
I even bout both of her albums Arular & Kala
M.I.A. Pictures, Images and Photos KALA Pictures, Images and Photos

But it is what it is

just know
& No one on the corner has swagga like us,

Drama in the Dollhouse

As I sit back and blog my current events listening to Danity Kane

it only makes me think of MTB4 (Making the Band 4)'s last episode...

I friggin' love DANITY KANE in every possible way & beyond words can express (I sound so teenybopper but hey I really do love 'em)
I mean u may not like Diddy or Bad Boy at that but you gotta respect his grind and to see Danity Kane
[AUBREY, SHANNON, ANDREA, D. WOODS & DAWN] split/break up after all their success and talent is CRAZY TALK! My heart was going thru pain when Diddy said
"I dont want you in the group any more."

You can't have a DK missing a member
[this aint DC (Destiny's Child)]

They all are beautiful talented singers and dancer making for a great musical group. & I should know I saw the series and watched them become DK and was so happy and proud of them and to see 1 of Diddy MTB make it - is a miracle! But I mean...
-Dawn, the lil creole black girl from Lousiana provides the lead vocals & her songwritting skills to their success, almost a future Beyonce [not voice-wise]
-Shan, the married one just rounds the group out for & has some of the most underrated lines in the group. My fav in the group
-Drea the only latina from Cali brings in the pipes to KO a crowd
-D provides the incredible swagga
-Aubrella, the controversy, the sexy is what she brings to the group with she backs up with a really good voice (as one of the white girl - no offense)
THERE's more I could say but its just the fact that you can't break them up like that. They all bring something to the group whether its seen in the public eye, your eye or not. Diddy will be ruining a really good thing for him, me and the fans....

Im still pissed/sad/scared at the fact ________ is leaving the group and that there could be more....
I really cant explain in super depths how much I love DK either just know their one of my favorite group! & time will tell whats to become of DANITY KANE....

Car Stories of the Weekend

So yesterday...
I went to my high school [La Joya Community High School] football game. We played the state champions and lost 17-50 but but up a lil bit of a fight?! hahha NO matter I still rep for the "LOBOS", rain or shine, win or lose haha
on to the cars so before i left to the football game...

There has been a broken down CAR in the middle of my cul-de-sac since monday
and it finally left or got towed friday sometime before i came back from school? Either way im glad its gone cuz it was preventing my dad and most of my neighbors from parking normally on their driveways...

Second CAR...would be the one we were driving to the game with....it like stalled out in the middle of the road round 11! I was like OMG! Were stalled out and I look to good to be pushing a damn car haha but it restarted and all was good, then we got some food.

Last CAR, while parking waiting for our food this happened
A CAR RAN IN TO A DITCH! Cops came, the Ambulance & Paramedics came and I was in shock! but being the photographer I am...I took a pic for you all hahaha

I couldn't resist :]

Friday, October 10, 2008

Mike gotta JOB

[just as the title says]

But lemme explain to you the interview
(Pre and Post)

First of I had to go to the Southside of Phoenix for this interview. And if you don't know the southside is super GHETTO filled with black ppl and hispanics and suprisingly asians haha! But anyways I was applying for a job at Safeway, any position i just need a job ya know. Well like I said the area was ghetto, the Safeway was a bit of the same too not in appearance or anything but just in location which is messed up I know.

Well I got there early. Went to see where I go to be interviewed. They had set me up pretty quick for the interview. I just waited 5 min before the interview lady came and the interview started.

& just like all interviews she made me make sure everything in the application was correct and that I could show proof of citizenship (ID, cuz we all know Mike's illegal lol). So once that was over she asked me some questions like
"what would you do if you see a customers who seems to appear lost? What would you do if an employee tries to go to lunch at peak business hours? What would you do if "something" were to spill on the floor by some customers?, How would you handle disgruntle customers?, etc."
After that we talked about company dress code, benefits, policy & procedures, etc...........Long story short!

I felt great because now I had a job and can make some money (6.90/hr lol) as a cart pusher. So yeah next Thursday, I go back for training. Although this should be the highlight of the whole experience I was pretty confident on getting the job...so getting it was confirming in a sense.

The real highligt of the day was after the interview was over I checked the rundown shopping center out a bit. I found a clothing store that I most definetly will be buying from next time. But here's what made my whole day... I walk out the store and get hounded by this black guy, a bootlegger! like OMG i dont do bootleg anything k. but what got me was how I turned him down.

At the moment I was on the phone with my mom telling her how to get there and speaking a like spanish cuz as we (better) know is soy Cubano! SO guy approached me while I was on the phone and I said to him
"no gracias senor..... i mean nah dude, im cool"
the dude look at me with such resentment for so many possible reason like WOW haha

like for 1) as far as he sees Im a black guy speaking spanish to another guy 2) I aint helping his business and 3) I dismissed him by speaking spanish to the dude...like put yourself in his shoes I felt bad for him but hey... I didnt want his BOOTLEG SHIT!

Monday, October 6, 2008

the pre BDay jitters!

So my Birthday is Nov 6, 1989
Making me a scorpio & an 80's baby!
But most importantly making today (Oct 6, 2008) a month till my BIRTHDAY!

...like how can u know be excited about your bithday? like fo' real! If your like one of those ppl who aren't void this blog entry...I have fun on my birthdays to the fullest. I make sure I have a blast and do it it. I mean someone or thing may hamper it but its sure as hell AIN'T gonna ruin it! Cuz I do me on my birthday...

Sadly that still consists of attending school that day :)

Nonetheless, November 6, 2008 will be great!
(& that's oversimplifing it!)

Oh, and definetly expect a follow up post 2 weeks, a week, & a day before my BDay!

Excited much,

Sorry for the WAIT.....

I've been extremely busy as a college student. Especially with all this homework to do, things to study, notes to take and whatever else may occur.

Its completley outta my hands and all I can do is do what is given, get good grades, (have the money) and get graduate!

So sorry for the wait.
I know u love [or will one day love] my blogs haha

City Bus Chronicles

Walking to the bus this morning was quite an experience today. First off, I usually get a ride but a family emergency occured and I just really hope they are gonna be ok. But still because of it had I t the bus cuz I have no car (like a joke).

Anyways so I head out to catch my 7:45 bus and there it goes right before my very eyes. I mean I wasn't exaclty pissed but I wasn't exactly happy at the fact that I missed the bus.

So then I googled for when the next bus was coming and that wasn't till 8:16. I didn't wanna have to wait till then but hey what can I do....so I did.

Fwd>>16mins of waiting and no bus shows so I take the initiative to walk to my next bus stop about a 1/4 of a mile away.
I crossed the street cuz well basically the other side have pavement and the side I was on didn't & didn't wanna get my kicks all dusty n dirty (I mean call me practical)...anyways not even 5 steps from the other side and a DOG comes outta nowhere.

The DOG then sniffs me as I try to walk/stride away and decides to follow me. Terrific! And so cliche. The stray dog following to school. Does anyone see the humor in this please?!? Anywho... the dog wasn't completly run down looking, yet still he was a mangy mutt (sadly a rottie at that.)

After about 1 min of him following me. He gets up on his 2 hind legs as if to hug me or kiss me or with me as dogs do....and I jooked him. LOL! Good times! I mean I kinda feel bad about it as I think about it, I mean I, Michael Bowens jooked a dog and it really did fall cuz I guess it really did expect me to "catch" him.

Since that I paid the DOG no mind. But even tho he was following me as a stray mangy looking dog I felt bad for him. As I waited for the 8:16 bus I saw the dumb dog play in traffic and freeze after he realized he was in way over his head. (Cars x dogs = dead dog) Plus as he followed untill we, no I mean I reached the intersection to my bus stop, he searched for food at & in every lil scrap of food from a Sunny D bottle, a water bottle and surprisinly some chicken haha.! The DOG would walk aimlessly with me infront of me, behind me, beside swerving from left tot right. And I mean the dog was just there ans as much as it annoyed me having a dog follow me. I knew that for that 10 min walk the dog had something to do and to do it with. As a stray he probably just wanted a friend and i served as that (in his eyes of coarse.)

Antyway (as Madea would say)
Once "we" hit the intersection...I crossed safely...he well he played in traffic again! Semis honked, cars honked, the cops sirened hahah the dog went psycho on the streets till he finally made it the sidewalk as I watched him walk "home."

And those City Bus Chronicles.
Post written on the bus on sidekick.