Friday, May 20, 2011


It's funny because...
When I look at the bigger picture or the full scheme of things
I never see myself in it.

I see my friends, my family, even just some people I know...
doing things, accomplishing goals, living out their dreams.
And the harder I look I see things I'd like to think I can take credit for,
things I think I helped or supported others to get
but still no me in the picture.

Traces of me but no photos of me.

I see me in the framework of my friends and family
but no me in sight of this photo I hold in sight.
This was never caused the concern of "I will never become anything"
but I'd like some confirmation, anything!?

I NOW know that's I'm not to see it, I'm to create it.
The bigger picture is everchanging... with me in mind!
You simply can't take a picture of your work with you in it.
I'm still in the process of making my completing masterpiece
one day at a time until the day its mine.
Until then these are just glimpses of my work underconstruction.
As a result, regardless of if the picture currently changes for better or worse
it's the framework, the frame of mind that makes or breaks the photo.
Change your mindframe and you're never out of frame.
I finally realized I'll never be in the frame because I'm still composing my life's work.