Monday, October 18, 2010

ABC's of me

The ABC's of ME
A - Artist [aesthetics]
B - Blatino [Black x Cubano]
C - College Student
D - Designer [fashion]
E - Entrepreneur
F - fly & fresh
G - gifted by God
H - Human
I - Inspiration
J - je ne sais quoi
K - Kinetic
L - Lifeaholic
M - Music & Motivating Mind
N - Nostalgic
O - Optimistic
P - Perfectionist
Q - "quotes"
R - Rebel Without Applause; Riot for a Cause
S - So Stylistic
T - Talented
U - Urban gentleman
V - Victorious [NEVER the victim]
W - Wisdom
X - Xerox [please don't, get original]
Y - [Forever] Young
Z - zesty zeal

now you know my ABC's,
this time you know a little more about me.

Call me Mexican..

Tamales de elote
Call me Mexican but these are my FAVORITE!