Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I suffer from...

An overactive mind,
a heavy heart
I get too far ahead of myself
and I tend to forget about myself
I'm having trouble saying what I mean
I got it right but it was all a dream.

My thoughts run a million miles per hour
Sometimes in life I feel devoured
My soul's gone awry
My body ain't alright
I'm running on E due to no sleep.

I know if my mind, heart, body & soul ain't in it,
I'm not in it to win it.

You can't buy time and I'm just waiting on mine.

So I grind until it's my time to shine.

Monday, November 1, 2010


This semester's study sessions have been provided by none other than
[internet radio]
I just log on & turn it up

Homework gets done to Pandora.

Favorite Station:
Mutya Buena - Real Girl Pictures, Images and Photos
Mutya Buena

Soul, Blues, R&B, Soul, Jazz
[new school + old school]


#MusicMonday: Dev - "Booty Bounce"

Dev - "Booty Bounce"

I've been listening to this joint for while now so here she is...

most known for singing the chorus to
Far East Movement's smash hit single Like A G6.
The chorus is not ONLY sung by Dev but
the chorus is from her single
"Booty Bounce"
She was first picked up by the group The Cataracs,
after recording and touring with Cyrano + Campa of the Cataracs
it was only a matter of time before Dev got a record deal of her own.

dev far east movement Pictures, Images and Photos

"DJ put that record on that's my song, that's my shit!
Poppin' Henny XO all these hoes on my dick."

Dope ass shit
if I do say so myself

Shoutout to Hellz Bellz
[for the fashion]

So glad fly music: beats & lyrics are back in business

MusicMonday, 11/1/2010