Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Day '08

aka Dia de Los Gorditos cuz man I EAT!

*anyways this is what i ate*
in photographic detail

[veggies, candied yams, cranberry sauce & utensils haha, salad, egg salad, TURKEY & gravy, arroz con gandules, stuffing, crab cakes & tostones]

MIA in the picture:
[2 pumpkin, sweet potatoe, caramel silk supreme & banana creme]
Honey Roasted Ham
Platino Fritos
...i think thats it

Thanksgiving was BOMB! Were CUBAN so if u dont know what some of that was its all good...U just got cultured then. But i mean ate so much [fat boys unite haha] and like always after your done with your plate (regardless if you finished it or not) hrs later we grazed on thanksgiving until we were able to eat another plate haha

Then we played SCATTORGORIES [best game ever!] and had a party round 7 till 12 cuz thats HOW WE DO!,

Anyways it was a great day good quality family time, everyone was there [expect for my cousin Anthony in the Army but we wished him a plate] & we had a great time



Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hole in the Wall...literally

(Let's just cut to the chase.)
Who: Luis (a friend) & I
What: put a HOLE in the wall
When: Tuesday, 11/24/2008
Where: @ home
How: wrestling...for no reason.
See I had lifted him from the ground (he weights about 160lbs) and drove him into the wall like nothing. My bro Jr was there and started yelling "O My God! O My God!" I was like "WHAT?" Then I dropped Luis and realized that I had piledrived his a** in to the wall creating a HUGE HOLE in the WALL.
See I'm not kidding when I say HUGE HOLE.

[& the culprit, LUIS]

So I had vaccumed the dry wall up and called my mom to let her know. She took it ok cuz we have the mentality "you cant cry over spilled milk" but was mad it happening so close to Thanksgiving. So to get it fixed I had gone over to my neighbor's to see if her husband can fix it? [after I explained the situation to her] Basically she got there and laughed. Hysterically! I felt horribe cuz this is not a laughing matter. This was serious even tho how it happened wasnt. I mean my dad was gonna kill me when he hears this. [Good thing he didnt because my mom talked to him beforehand so i wasnt as brutal]

Anyways her husband was came over later that night and said he'd be able to fix it and on Wednesday he did.

Whole NEW

Shoulda listened to that old saying


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Manny is BACK!

Yo! on the real, Manny is like the coolest!
[But lemme get U up to speed on this dude.]

After years of treating out dirt in our garden
(cuz everyone know AZ dirt is hard & dry as hell)
we planted some roses (red & pink).
They grew up to be the biggest & baddest flowers in any garden on the BLOCK! & With that kinda rep its sure to attract visitors like bees (damn b*tches), wasps (Err), butterfly aka Mariah Careys (haha) & hummingbirds. But I'd have to say our most frequent and most liked visitor is...Manny the Praying Mantis

He came to out house 1 yr and comes & goes as he pleases and is fly as hell! I mean who else can say they have a Praying Mantis as an occasional pet!
This dude is like an alien form outta space.

Manny's the SH!T

Thanksgiving *Sneek Peek*


Now Imma need you to nevermind the ice, the tubberware, the greens, the ice cream, seafood and meatballs in my freezer!
-I'd like to redirect you to the lower lefthand corner of my freezer and feast your eyes on the 22 lbs TURKEY!

YES folks, Thanksgiving is on its way
& we will be ready && prepared come thursday

[stay posted for the real THANKSGIVING blog]

Friday, November 21, 2008

Total Request Denied

TRL is no longer folks
(in case you missed it!)

NOW normally any other show going off air I'd be like "whatever who cares?" but this is TRL! & I can honestly say I watched that show and was/am sad to see it go. I mean not to sound all POP but I've watched that show from the very beginning.

[OK now im revealing myself I really do like POP MUSIC
not all of it but the good stuff. And to reveal a lil more of myself
I was a NSYNC fan/ forget BACKSTREET BOYS.]

But I mean I watched that show back in the day afterschool, it 3, TRL is ON & I've watched it make so many artists career
Britney & Christina
NSYNC & Backstreet Boys
[the pop craze...screaming fans included]
J.LO & the latin invasion
Good Charlotte, Blink 182, Avril Lavigne
[with the pop punk/pop rock phase]
Destiny's Child, 3LW, Aaliyah
[r&b artists]
Nelly, Luda & LL
[other rappers too]
& so many other artist

I mean I remember back one summer when I was in Florida one summer and I can remember watching Christina Aguilera's Genie In A Bottle music video as vivid as day!

Im just in shock that something with so many stars, artists, actors, actresses, differnet host, athletes and so many great memories is just OVER! Sorry I sound so teenybopper but yeah its a childhood memory K ppl...I can grieve.
I mean I still remember all the lyrics to just about all these songs for goodness sakes!

Anyways I'm done, MTV cut me deep, MTV is on crack idk what they gonna do without TRL


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Listen to WARNINGS!

Last friday, I went to the La Joya Football Game because the made the playoffs, sadly they lost but it still was a good game.

Anyways well while I was there I ordered a hot chocolate. Makes sense right!

Cold Night + Hot Chocolate = Good

So I order the hot chocolate and the first thing the lady says is "now just to let you know it is HOT!" I'm like "well yeah it, like come it its 'hot cocoa.'" She tops it marshmallows & whipped cream, I paid the $1, got a starw and bounced.

Now not even a 15 seconds after I got the hot chocolate I take a sip, BURN my tounge and spit out the drink!
-I could do nothing then but laugh at my dumb ass for drinking something HOT knowing full well I'd be burnt and knowing I'd been well WARNED it was hot.

Anyways the hot chocolate was good. One of the best I had. Thanks Laurissa for the recommendation.

Burnt tounge,

OMG I Ate Flounder

Yes, you heard me I ate flounder...the fish. My mom prepared it for dinner and I was like yay new fish. Then she told me it was know Flounder from the Little Mermaid! & I freaked out! I can't eat Flounder!

As sad as it was he was still good.
Tho not my favorite fish to eat.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Donor 4 Life

united blood services Pictures, Images and Photos
So Saturday, I donated blood for the second time! And saved a few lives with the United Blood Service.
[3 to be exact!]

& Well quite honestly I did it cuz... well they've been harassing me to give blood for about a month now (calling me every weekend) So I finally gave in and made an appointment (11/8). Plus its a worthy cause ya know wspecially since 1 out of 20 ppl who can give blood give blood. Sad huh?

Anyways I get there and just like last time they grill u with a bajillion questions like do u take any of these drugs/medicines, have had or received sex from a prostitute, sex with another male, been to any country, do u have any certain diseases, etc. I reply NO to all except for the traveling outside the country (Europe Trip 08)

Anyways after the lil "questionaire" they take me to the area where they take your blood. Now usually when they take your blood they search for a vien to insert the thing that takes your blood then tell u to look away. DUMB Me looked at the insertion and it HURT!

So stupid of me...its like looking down when regardless if your scared of heights. I'm not afraid of needles but what the hell sense it make to look at them put the needle in me and draw the first blood?

Anyways all went well. I donated my O+ blood, got wrapped up, waited the 15 mins to make sure there's no adverse affects, ate & drank to get my blood sugar back in order & bounced.

Oh yea I brought a friend! So "we" donated blood.

Life saving,

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Dear President,

I'd first like to say thank you, as an African-American & for America in being out presindent of the United States. I appreciate all you've done and will be doing for us. You give me and all minorities (especially blacks) hope & most importantly NO EXCUSE to live out our dreams and know that nothing can stop us. You are an inspiration to us all and CHANGE definetly has come! Just know you have my support and mean way more than you think.

Barack Obama you are our hero
& mean more than words can millions. My grandma even loves you and she can't even say your name. She calls you Morocco Bambo.

Heart to heart, I wish you the best!

God bless,
Michael A Bowens

Thursday, November 6, 2008

19th B'Day

So at first I thought my Bday was gonna suck cuz I had to got to school today (unlike in high school where you had the option of it) & I worked. So I gave up on having a good Bday!

But I dont give up that easily. I was giddy all day despite the circumstances. I was fresh to def & in good spirits...virtually unbreakable! like I was in a rare perfect form of pure bliss/Anyway tho it was my Birthday the downside of it as stated before was school, work & the walk home, and bus ride home. MAJOR BUMMER!

So for dinner my parents decided to take me to Joe's Crab Shack (cuz i love seafood) and man did my day shape up from there....We went thru the normal dinner prodecures:
-ordered drinks
-ordered appitizer (Calamari cuz it twas my birthday)
-figuring out to order
-order meal
of coarse we talked to and had a great time cuz thats just how we roll [my mom, bro & I] Going to a new restaurant was fun too. Oh and the waiter had the most hilarious shirts like...
"My Waiter Gave Me CRABS"
& things to that effect

The dinner was awesome I had crab legs, 3 different skrimps haha & rice. It was bomb! but as all birthdays go they always slip in to the waiter/waitress its your birthday! & my mom definetly did!

&& man did they get me.
They sang me HAPPY BIRTHDAY and everything they were to say "YOU" I was to say "MY CRABS ARE ON FIRE!" The most hilarious thing ever. Im turing 19 and infront of the whole restaurant i have to say my crabs are on was just to funny & at the end of the song I had to finish it off with BIG OLE YELL of "My Crabs are on FIRE!"
Oh yeah! while this was happening i was holding a crab
[thanks God it wasnt live], a firefighter hat and a bib!

[Let's Get CRACKIN']

One memorable BDAY

19 yo

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Toothbrush Care

Toothbrush Pictures, Images and Photos
We use our toothbrushes to clean out teeth
but do we care for our toothbrushes which in return care for us?

Here's a few tip in keeping you and your toothbrush clean & healthy
1)Change you toothbrush every 3 - 4 months not every 6 months like most do because toothbrushed DO get worn out and then wont really be cleaning if so.
2)After about a month of using a new toothbrush or when the usage of the toothbrush is noticeable...Place your toothbrush in the mircrowave for 10 seconds. This kills the dead germs it accumulates from being in standby [view picture haha] ya get me
3)Lastly if you sick once you're done being sick get a new toothbrush or else your just using those same old germs, bacteria and viruses in your mouth again...which got you sick in the first place...HELLO!

THANK you!
& you're WELCOME,

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day!

So today, NOV 4th, 2008 AD,
(2 day before my birthday) I got to experience voting for the FIRST TIME EVER on the most momentous presidential election EVER!

So here's how it went.

I woke up @ 6 got ready and was at my voting location [Western Valley Middle School] by 6:30. Now dumb me left without thinking it would be cold...cuz I thought if I get there early no one will be there and ill just be in & out right quick!
-U know vote for Obama, some propositions & iish and be out!

But nah! How very wrong I was. I get there and there's a line and I'm waiting in line in the clothes I slept in; a white tee, sweats and flip flops...FREEZING MY ASS OFF! I mean I literally was asleep trynna do my duty as an American and vote and stay WARM by all means necessary. I mean for u to visualize how cold I was my nipples were so cold I could cut glass...ya feel me here! It was cold in AZ

Anyways so I waited in like for like 45 mins. Then got in the building, the poll workers got mu number and I signed, got a ballot & voted!

I left the voting booth @ 7:30 after arriving at 6:30. So I spent an hour waiting and voting. I say an hour well spent!

The whole experience was thrilling and chilling. I'm just glad i have the right to vote and exercised it!

& that was my experience in Baraking the Vote!

First time voter,