Monday, July 26, 2010

#MusicMonday: Cuban Link feat. P!NK - "Play How You Want"

Cuban Link feat. P!NK - "Play How You Want"

an old song
back when P!NK first came out on the scene and did r&b
back when Cuban Link rapped with Terror Squad.
Still a huge fan of rebel ass PINK
IDK what happened to Cuban Link
this used to be one of my favorite song
never knew of P!NK could get on a song with a little Latin vibe
just a hot little song from my past
off of Cuban Link's unreleased album 24K back in 2000

"Its Pink and Cuban Link.
This is the club with a Latin swing.
So if ya wit' it baby
Blaze up a blunt
Drink till your drunk
Ain't no rules where we're from.
Do your thing, Play how you want
Its Pink and Cuban Link
Cause he be shinin' like a diamond ring.
Now we be bringin' it straight from the Bronx
Drinkin Dom Pérignon
Till six in the mornin'
There's a party goin on!"

#MusicMonday 7/26/2010

Saturday, July 10, 2010


White Skyline Leather Supras
[my latest purchase]
I heart these kicks.

Supras Pictures, Images and Photos
are my life.
[they my steez]

Monday, July 5, 2010

Rihanna - "Rude Boy" (Classical Cover by Aston)

Classical Cover of "Rude Boy" by Rihanna

just phenomenal
to think they could play this song with such intensity
doing as much justice as the original
is incredible
"Take it, take it, baby, baby, take it, take it, love me, love me"

Thursday, July 1, 2010

"Shine" by Mikeman

I don't get how anyone can be with someone that dims their shine.
I couldn't be with someone that comprises what's mine.
She's the star in the relationship and its clear to see.
With a future and personality so bright,
her dude must of caught her with a bunch of artificial neon lights.
Boyfriend mean muggs while the girl lights up the room with a smile
that'll light up the night sky for miles.
I'm not speaking as another dude trynna get at her.
I'm speaking as the one who reminds her.
She'll never be that that star she was destined to be
not hangin' wit that B.
You shine 'cause you're a star
I just need you to know who you are.

by Mikeman

ERYKAH BADU Concert feat Janelle Monae & J*Davey

Wednesday, June 22, 2010
I went the ERYKAH BADU Concert
Out of My Mind, Just In Time Tour 2010 AD
feat Janelle Monae & J*Davey @ the Marquee Theatre in Phoenix, AZ!
And you have no idea how EXCITED I was go to. I truly do love Miss E. Badu!
It was the Sunday before the concert I saw a tweet go figure from @yayamartinez [a local radio host for underground hip-hop]
giving out concert tickets for Erykah Badu. Just call in to win. So fan-crazed me called in, sang a Erykah Badu song + BAM!
Won concert ticket!!!

I like J*Davey despite not being well known.
They did my song "Slooow" so I couldn't complain!
Her odd lil vocals and sexy stage performance

Janelle Monae
Now I've been following Monae since she before she was a signed artist
got her first album + unreleased songs
so to see her for real on stage was surreal
she has incredible stage performance; animated as life
Her tightrope is the bizzzzzzzzzz!
*at the end of her set she stage dived.
I caught HER!

Erykah Badu
from her entrance to the encore
Badu is just greatness
such stage presence is felt when she's in a building
that personality must be great to be around 24/7
and that voice soars and fills the room

She did all here songs
On & On, Window Seat, Bag Lady, etc
its was a real live set
the crowd was just loving her!

that shirt was iconic and meant more that words here in Arizona
SB 1070
Phenomenal performance really...
made my summer.
I mean the best I can describe it is if you've been you an Erykah Badu concert
you know exactly what was experienced.
We were all one under the name of Badu
nothing but love in the building!

Gotta love Badu!