Monday, March 22, 2010

Culture Fresh

is a sleek lil' clothing boutique which sells artwork and clothes
from local clothing designers and artists.
Bobby Fresh Swed1five Goodboy Clothing Eighty Grand & others
[located on 3st & Van Buren in downtown Phoenix, AZ]


I cop 2 shirts
[this and another]

if I had a G [$1000] I would of cop'd this too
THE Phoenix painting is soooo sick!

yeah, you know I'm fresh.

#MusicMonday: Clipse feat Keri Hilson & Pharrell - "All Eyes On Me"

Clipse feat Keri Hilson & Pharrell - "All Eyes On Me"

my joint!
Clipse always deliver.
Keri is sexy!
Pharrell is fresh.
them 3 teamin' up - its a SMASH!

#MusicMonday 3/22/2010

#MusicMonday: Pitbull feat Senato, Black Point, El Cata & Lil Jon - "Watagatapitusberry"

Pitbull feat. Sensato, Black Point, Lil Jon, El Cata -

this is my SHIT!
Hay no punto a la canción.
¿Qué lo qu es se signifa watagatapitusberry?
no sé pero me lo gusta

Pit really broght out the reggaeton movement with this song
with Sensato, Black Point & El Cata
but still got it poppin' for the club with Lil Jon
[prod. by DJ Class]
so you know its a BANGER!

#MusicMonday 3/15/2010

#MusicMonday: Erykah Badu feat Lil Wayne - "Jump Up In The Air (Stay There)"

Erykah Badu feat. & Lil Wayne
"Jump Up In The Air (Stay There)"

the moment I heard this song I knew it'd be my JAM!
I seriously just wanna "Jump Up In The Air (Stay There)"

"Truly I don’t give a fuck I am on the ceiling stuck
Like a fan full of dust
Like her hand full of bucks"

I'm defiently glad Miss Erykah Badu's funky & soulful self is back!
in teaming up w/ Lil Wayne I was scared his verse was gonna be compatible w/ Badu's flow it was just as off the wall
Bilal's backing vocals blend w/ Erykah's just right for this track too
video is definitely something she'd think up
the ending is so immaculate
[read up on ya art if you don't see it]

#MusicMonday 3/8/2010

#MusicMonday: M.I.A. - "Bucky Done Gun"

M.I.A. - "Bucky Done Gun"

"LONDON quiet down I need to make sound
NEW YORK quiet down I need to make sound
KINGSTON quiet down I need to make sound
BRAZIL quiet down I need to make sound"

MIA is my shit!
I've been a fan ever since she came out wit "Galang"
on her debut album Arular
Her style, flow, lyrics
I just like unique talents such as herself
Plus this Sri Lankan rapper is a cutie

her delivery is sick
a bonafide artist
she just D0PE!
[not everyone can do what she do]

this chick is freak in this song tho
me gusta :D haha

#MusicMonday 3/1/2010

Monday, March 1, 2010

#MusicMonday: Cool Kids - "I'm Mikey (I Rock)"

Cool Kids - "I'm Mikey"

this right here.
this is my theme song.
"I'm Mikey [I-I-I Rock]"

can't argue wit that
so rock to it.

#MusicMonday 2/22/2010

music video by Caitlan 'kk' Hickey
*giving credit where credit is due*

#MusicMonday: Janelle Monae - "Many Moons"

Janelle Monae - "Many Moons"

The video concept is genius
METROPOLIS: Annual Android Auction
music video cinema at its finest

I'm writing under the pretense you DO in fact know about Janelle Monae because the music video is bringing life to her very being.

"I'm an alien from outer space."
this pretty much sums up her steez
so deep, philosophical, true and her beats are out of this world.
She gets down in her music video tho
moon-walking & doing the damn thang all across the stage.
that hair and her clothes - so vintage
all Janelle

I dig artists who march to the beat of their own drum
their own everything

if you can't understand or get her
you prolly wont me either

This is Music.

#MusicMonday 2/15/2010

#MusicMonday: Jamie Foxx feat. Gucci Mane - "Speak French"

Jamie Foxx feat. Gucci Mane
"Speak French"

this song is so slick & nasty
but that's to be expected from Jamie
I'm mad vibin' to this track
"I don't speak French but I can tongue ya down,
tongue ya down, tongue, tongue ya down"

Je puex parler français
which makes the song even more sexy
cuz French is one sexy lang.

plus have you ever spit French at a girl who don't know French?
Magical to say the least haha