Thursday, October 22, 2009


Yeah, Halloween!
Where girls get to dress SLUTTY sexy (borderline strippers). Kids dress up & recite those infamous words "Trick or Treat" and candy is given out for FREE in return. & Guys hook up with the hottest costume (GIRL) or get stupid drunk and yeah...
You can be whatever you want from Vampires and mummies to Batman or Superman. Your dress up options are limitless. A good time is spent by all...

All except for me. See I've never celebrated Halloween!
[I can see you all gasp in your computer seats haha]
I'm Christian and because of my mom we (my bro & I) just
NEVER dressed up
NEVER went around the neighborhood 'trick or treatin'
NEVER went to the high school Halloween parties in high school.
We'd just stay at home on Halloween, put a sign on the door saying "we don't celebrate Halloween" and listen as they ring the doorbell expecting candy, getting no reply.

It was all pretty kinda sad considering EVERYONE else was out celebrating and I'm forced to be HOME. It was the one day I kinda felt outta place.

Well, now I'm a little older nad in college and have 4 Halloween party invites: 1 friend, 1 fam, 2 different clubs. I'm on like Halloween OVERLOAD! Sad thing is since I've been deprived of Halloween for so long I have no real desire to dress up. Attend YES, but since its a Halloween party NO. But YES cuz I've never been to one, but NO cuz I've NEVER "dressed up" before.

Confusing huh?
Well, I am. IDK what to do. I'm not going to force myself to dress up but I think it would be cool if I did. Plus the day Halloween comes and I get an influx of texts about where Imma party it up at? What parties? .... how loser is "I dont celebrate Halloween" gonna sound "so I'm not doing anything"... LAMEASS Mike.

I'll figure it out sooner than later.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Clubbin' is a drug & MIKEMAN was abusin'

Besides school starting Aug 24, 2009
[working x doing homework]
My weekends have honestly been spent
I go to have fun NOT to hookup
its just a release from the mundane of day to day
So I go out! & have been going to the clubs
(just about every weekend)

I'm no clubhead were I have to go, need to go, itchin', fienin' to go.
Its all out of pure fun. Hittin up the club scene is just something I enjoy. Beautiful ppl ladies, great music (depending on the DJ), dancing, tweetin' of coarse (I gotta share with yall the bullsh*t that happens) and just the whole experience of clubbing.

SO here's some pix of the HOW WE DO!

the bestfriend & mother effin sis



the clubbing atmosphere

with the homegirl Florazalia (Flor)



nice light show up
like the Tribe Called Quest album cover

they was jerkin' by the bar
[I SWEAR - nice shot tho huh? haha]

*note all these photos were taken around the time school started cuz
clubbing x school dont mix well academically*


Monday, October 5, 2009

"Out of Love"

"Out of Love"
by Michael A Bowens

In and Out of Love like Cheri Dennis
Back and Forth like a game of tennis
Same thang expecting a change
This is INSANE!
And yet we live it.
You wanna break but not break up
We're exclusive but I saw you with him
I love you, I hate you
let me love you, fuck you
like opposites we attract
but like damn magnets we repel
We don't fight tooth & nail because we're not together,
So I can't "go to hell"
You're volatile and unstable
And for us I was willing and able
But I was playing you, playing me
We both can see that this cant be
Thinking the same will change
living the beautiful insane
Score: 0 to 0 love
because there is no love, love
I'd love a rematch
but 'til then
Out with Love.


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Why I dont like Jason Derulo.

Jason Derulo - "Whatcha Say"
So this song should be on radio stations all across America by now. It's really became a hit. If you have not hear wit your "living under a rock self"
Jason DeRulo - "Whatcha Say"

Now as good and as loved as this song is... It gets on my ever loving NERVES like no other. I have to change the radio station because of.. well several reasons all stemming from this.

SNL skit "Dear Sister Parady" of the OC

this skit is effin HILL-LARRY-US to me!
I'm sorry if you dont see the humor in it, but the song they play as each SNL actor & extra gets shot is what I think of and what plays in my head as I hear the song on the radio. It makes me wanna laugh & think of Jason DeRulo's first hit nothing less than a remake of

fed up,