Saturday, January 31, 2009

VV Brown "Leave"

the music video is crazy sick
[Propz to VV]
who knew all you needed was a BOX

Im telling you VV is killing it with these upbeat sad songs
(ex: "Crying Blood" from a previous post)

check it out

VV Brown - Leave

Monday, January 26, 2009

3 New Artists [Mikeman approved]

VV Brown, O'Neal McKnight & Sweet Rush

VV Brown - Crying Blood
VV Brown is a brit and is a very theatrical singer/songwriter. Her blend of pop/r&b/indie/punk/soul is incredible...
her song "Crying Blood" is pretty raw and live tho such sad lyric for a upbeat song but great metaphor crying blood cuz breakups are literally like crying blood as weve all either seen or felt
very catchy - worth the listen

O'Neal McKnight - Check Your Coat
I F*CKIN' LOVE the song!
O'Neal is is from South Carolina and is definetly holding it down for R&B
He's reminiscent to the greatest Michael Jackson with his real smooth, party & futuristic music! I love this dude. Im def buying his album Prom 2088 coming out later this year if Diddy doesnt F*CK his career up!
this jam is addictive and makes your wanna groove

Sweet Rush - Hot Sause
Sisters (Iman & Siham) of Sweet Rush are born in Somalia & raised in Toronto, Canada and picked up by Konvict Records. I like theyre flava and how they do what they do...

Friday, January 23, 2009

Making the Band 4 previews

MTB4 Season 4 Trailers

So excited about this!
NOT SO much about it possibly being the final season.
[ya never know with Diddy & his "Making the Bands"
e.i. Dream, O-Town, Da Band & countless other solor artist]

I have sooooo many questions:
-what's up with Day26?
-is Donnie's career over?
-i didnt see Shannon was my previous blog about her leaving the group true?
-is DK reuniting?
[Id be beyond happy if that were so LIKE YOU HAVE NO IDEA!!!]
-is Danity Kane now a duo? (Dawn & Andrea)
-will Diddy cast more girls of DK doesn't remain?
-how's Q & Dawn?
-when's the supposed DK album coming out? Is it coming out?
-Is there a Danity Kane?
-will the boys disband?
-will there be any new solo stars?
-what surprises does Diddy have in store?
-is Aubrey a lezbo?
-whats up with D. Woods?

all these questions plague my mind and rushed like Niagra Falls when i saw the MTB4 promo

well stay tuned
Thrusday, Feb 12

The Real World: BROOKLYN episode 3

The Real World: BROOKLYN
episode 3

main characters
Katelynn the transgendered chick
is feeling lonely missing her boyfriend Mike ultimatly companionship... Later from im guessing loneliness she freaks some dude at a bar and makes out with some chick
(drinking was involved but the chick is just a freak)
Basically Katelynn needs love so she decides to date despite having a man

Devyn the black girl
Scott the fitness model
kinda have a thing for each other...kinda
(finally a predictable house hook up)
it all started with Scott making some chicken and slapping Devyn with the meat. An odd form of "flirting" but funny.
She makes a BF-O-METER measuring their "friendness" cuz shes really digging the dude and wanting to be with him. Scott bring over a girl friend not a girlfriend - semi awkward for Devyn who likes him and thinks she does too. She doesnt & girl talks with her yet is getting mixxxed signals from him on whether he like her or now.
But Scott has a girl so yeah...
Damn his decieving hugs haha

Ryan, an Iraq vet
plays a guitar and decides to pursues it
So when the cast went to club, they Baya & Ryan meet up with a record label guy, he tells him about his music..yada, yada, yada they meed up another day @ Crush Management for undiscovered artists where Ryan wants to record music, Baya wants to dj and Chet wants to host
[By the way, Ryan can really play i love his music especially that song "Liar" is you saw it]
Ryan meets an producer and basically gets shut down
not that its not good music but he should get a following first

2nd Semester my second semester @ GCC
in Glendale, Arizona started after MLK Day.
My classes are MAT 120, ENG 101, HUM 190 & ACC 190

-Math is lame. Math is the devil.
-English looks like it'll be fun. I had AP English in high school so this will be an ease
-Humanities is very involved...its an honors class on leadership
-Accounting...will suck ass but im a business major so i gotta take it

Overall, I think this semester will be better than the last
yet harder at the same time.

bring it second semester!


Monday, January 19, 2009

Lady Gaga THE FAME





Lady Gaga's debut album The Fame is really good ppl!
Like surpringly good!
DONT be actin' like you dont know who she is???
Her song "Just Dance" feat Colby O'Donis blew up & spread like wildfire in 08.
Its a bonafide party anthem!
And this Dance/Pop artist is def taking the world by storm with her club/disco/electronic beats and glitterly glamour lyrics. With all that this album is so so retro and dancefloor ready!
All that wrapped in one = Lady Gaga

1. Just Dance (feat. Colby O'Donis)
2. LoveGame
3. Paperazzi
4. Pokerface
5. Eh, Eh (Nothing Else Can Say)
6. Beautiful, Dirty, Rich
7. The Fame
8. Money Honey
9. Starsrtuck (feat. Space Cowboy & Flo Rida)
10. Boys Boys Boys
11. Paper Gangsta
12. Brown Eyes
13. I Like It Rough
14. Summerboy

The definite HITS!
"Just Dance", "LoveGame", "Pokerface", "Beautiful, Dirty, Rich", "Starsturck"

Plus, The chick has got MAD STYLE
lady gaga Pictures, Images and Photos




Lady Gaga Pictures, Images and Photos
signature thunder x signature pose
big ass banging bangs x long platinum blonde hair
diamonds growing here and there
her clothes she designs her own clothes btw ppl

what can i say
i got a fatal attraction to cuteness
& That was my

so fresh


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Kimora & Djimon PREGNANT!

Yes ppl!
The 32 yo Baby Phat designer known for being Russell Simmons' ex & former model/actor 43 yo
Kimora Lee Simmons & Djimon Hounsou

good for them...
I expect a super celebrity wedding
and pretty mixxxed babies
Oh and a marriage that will last!
cuz we all definetly thought that with her and Russell

the revolution will be TELEVISED... we make the switch from analog to digital tv broadcasting.

So...I'm laying here friday night in my bed watching on of my favorite tv shows That 70's Show and I notice this bigass A
in the top right corner of my tv screen!

I was like WTF is this???

But then I remember...
[Analog will be gone in 09]

So if u haven't gotten your converter boxes or some form of cable tv...

Get On That!
or you will be...
Sh!t Outta Luck come Feb ?

Madcon vs The Saturdays - Beggin'

Madcon - Beggin'
The Saturdays - Beggin'

[Tshawe Baqwa & Yosef Wolde-Mariam]
are a Norwegian hip-hop/rap group

The Saturdays
[Rochelle, Mollie, Una, Vanessa & Frankie]
are a UK Pop/Dance/Electropop 5 piece girl group

both recorded the same song...sorta
Madcon of Norway first covered this older song as thier first single from thier new album So Dark The CON of Man...
Then as a new group, The Saturdays of England covered their song and it became a hit! They're getting nothing but good reviews from it!

The difference in the songs are as different as pop and hip-hop are!
If you want hip-hop and that delivery
download the MADCON version of "Beggin'"
If you want the catchy pop version you can sing to without the rap in between
download THE SATURDAYS version of "Beggin'"

Madcon - Beggin'

The Saturdays - Beggin'

It's your call
Tell me what you think
I love both versions
& have to play them back to back
cuz I love the song that much!


Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Real World: BROOKLYN episode 2

The Real World BROOKLYN
Episode 2

We learn...

-JD's packing magnums wit that latino heat
(at Chet's amazement)
-Chet's pranks piss off JD
(example: the condomed banana in the aquarium)
-Katelynn comes out to Baya & Sarah about being transgendered
(Both very accepting)
-The boys and Sarah go to Chelsea's (a gay club) JD's idea and Ryan warns Chet
"they're gonna eat you alive!" LMAO
Refering to his attire
Skin tight jeans & blk shit w/ a white scarf
not the mention the kid is pretty pastey
Anyways they hit up the club and....
Ryan got kissed by Perpermint the drag queen
-Baya takes Devyn, Katelynn & Sarah to a Caribbean Hip-Hop dance place...and man is it funny to watch white who can't dance - Dance!
-Baya then goes to the Hip Hop Conservatory to audition for them. It looked like hell! That sooo seemed greuling!
-Chet's fam comes and its like the pretty perfect blonde-blue eyes squad
came thru....
they loved JD by the way
(He seemed like a good Guy yo them)
Oh and we learned Chet was kicked out of his frat for
I did thet shit in 8th fun haha
And he's NOT allowed to wear his beloved eyeliner anymore haha
-Lastly, JD's dad has taken his identity using his SSN & stuff
......stuff happened.....
JD left to get chapstick then came back home stupid drunk talking shit and all!
But dumbass Chet starts argueing with him which is just dumb cuz JD's DRUNK and getting all defensive and confrontational and we all know NOT TO GET INTO IT WITH A DRUNK

That's my lil summary of episode

Devoted fan

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Real World: BROOKLYN

Sorry its late.
The season already started but THE REAL WORLD has always & forever been my SHIT! Since I was old enough to watch it...
Hell, since i started watching MTV

Anyways here's my take on it...

The Real World BROOKLYN
[Devyn, JD, Sarah, Katelynn, Scott, Baya, Chet & Ryan]

Devyn is the lone beautiful black girl (former Kansas Beauty Queen)
JD is gay (which "ppl" must know) and is just cool, I think imma like him the best, hes the responsible one outta all and just idk I see alot of similar quality in him in me. Hes a good person to me, Oh and Latino!
Sarah is real interesting and tatted real good (former lesbian)
Katelynn haha is a transgender and so therefore deals with that
Scott is Mr. Muscle, gym trainer, been in the gym since 14, rated best abs etc... but hes not that jock personality so is pretty cool
Baya is a cool dancer chick (hip-hop dancer)
Chet haha k this dude is from Salt Lake City, Utah, Mormon and is very questionable but thats just cuz hes lived a shelterd life and hasnt been exposed to alot of life. Oh and his attire is a straight HELL NO like...idk what
Ryan an Iraq vet so hes seen & been thru alot. He claims to be able to figure ppl out after taking wit them for 5 min and hes whole deal just pisses me off...I only sympathizes with the dude once.

Overall, its too early to typecast (most of the cast) or say anything major about this season but im sure it'll be good as always

Ill definetly keep yall posted on The Real World & all its controversies :)


Sunday, January 11, 2009


[For those who dont know]

A Quinceañera first & foremost is a hispanic/latino thing just had to let yall know cus not everyone is up to par on us Latinos.
But anywyas a quinceañera is a celebration of (hispanic) girl's 15th birthday. The celebration partay is a gatherration of family & friends, God, food, music and dance. Plenty other of things happen too...U just gotta be up on culture.

But as a CUBAN, I've been in 3 quinces as a chambalan (male dancer) having to dress up in a tux & learned the different dances with a couple in time to preform it, the whole SHE-BANG!

So in all, going to 7 quinces: attending 4/participating in 3....
IT FEELS GREAT not to being in anymore. Ive outgrown the age limit to be part of the quince girl's court and i can just watch, enjoy, commentate & critize on other's. I mean learning the dances, hanging & getting to know the other chambalans & madrina with other ppl is cool and all the other tomfoolery is great and all
But....Shit, its Hardwork!

So now I'm just spectating & get my salsa y merengue on!


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Girl Groups 09: pt 3 (Sophia Fresh)

Lastly but not least
my fav of the 3...

Smash Hit: What It Is?
Signed to NAPPY BOYYYYY! by T-Pain
Sophia Fresh, Cole Rose, Skye & Crystal are the hottest girl group from Hotlanta. These girls are unbelieveably sexy and hood as hell. Each of them bring a different elememt to the group making each song a hit as these homegirls just smash it on every track. Cole Rose is the singer/rapper of the group and voice is justly so with a voice deep & full of bass rockin' a red fauxhawk. Skye the one with curly blonde hair and a the good girl vibe with the with a voice rhymic & jazzy takin lead vocals. While Crystal aka Black Barbie got that long black hair whose voice just flows light & effortlessly. So beautiful & So full of swagga this group! Lives In Da Club was the first song by them and my a hit. I played it 24/7 like no other. Then they started dropping hits after hits like Superbad, What It Is? Elevator Music, Drop It & I've loved themever since.
Get Up on these chicks...Im telling you they the bizness!


Music Videos
[for your viewing pleasure]

Sophia Fresh feat Kanye West - What It Is? (Live Rehearsal)

Sophia Fresh - Superbad (feat Cee-Lo & T-Pain)


Sophia Fresh - Live In Da Club


That concludes my GIRL GROUPS 09 blog entry
Those are my new up&coming girl groups
& Hopefully these 3 groups make in big in 09

Girl Groups 09: pt 2 (Electrik Red)

continuing on from DEAR JAYNE
We got...

Song: Drank In My Cup
Sarah, Naomi, Lesley & Binkie
make up Def Jam's new musical project Electrik Red under The Dream's guidance. But the thing about this group is that Electrik Red are some raunchy dirrty sexy girls & I love em for that. The girls are all ex-video girls/dancers so they all can sing & dance (or it just so happens that they can sing & dance) and just ooze sexyness on the track. They personalities are definetly the life of any party. Their vibe is like a surge of sexy playful urban-ness that ruling doesnt fall anywhere between pop or r&b. This group is the shit! Drank In My Cup is their club joint and it so breathy & the video is like a sexy club joint so u know the girls are down to party. Friend Lover is about a damn jumpoff and the rules to it. Electrik City, Freaky Freaky are some their other sexy songs & We Fuck You is my joint, the beat is bangin and their shameless bout it...especially proclaimin'
"Ya'll dont fuck us,
NIGGA! We Fuck You, you, you....

[Lesley, Naomi, Sarah & Binkie]

Music Videos
[for your viewing pleasure]

Electrik Red - Electrik City/Top Rankin'

Electrik Red feat The Dream - Drank In My Cup


Girl Groups 09: pt 1 (Dear Jayne)

Although each of my girl groups have been on the rise since 08
Just incase you havent already heard of them…
Here’s my 3 lil bomb ASS girl groups of 09
I bet on these three groups to blow up this year

Song: Rain
Dear Jayne is comprised of Jazmine, Ashley & Lindsey.
[Ashley's the two-tone blonde & brown locks, Jasmine (my fav) is the one with the red D. Woods cut & Lindsey got the jet black straignt hair]
And these girls can SANG!!! Their album Voice Message is truly a great title cuz everyone of thier song are like voice messages to "us" dudes doing wrong! They got amazing voices like I already said & each girl can hold thier own in the group...theyre definetly the future of urban/R&B music. I mean they definetly got the lady anthems with "Fall Back" feat The Dream & "Thats a No No"
.... which so happen to be my other DEAR JAYNE jams :)

[Jazmine, Ashley & Lindsey]

Music Videos
[for your viewing pleasure]

Dear Jayne - Rain

Dear Jayne feat The Dream - Fall Back


Monday, January 5, 2009

Wedding NEWS

Heres a bit of celeb news on my fav stars....

First, we got one of the Girls Next Door, HOLLY MADISON has recenctly been engagned to CRISS "Mindfreak:" ANGEL, that crazy magician guy. Anyways they're being getting married in June obviously @ the Playboy Mansion. I like the Girls Next Door haha...

Next, we got actor/model LANCE GROSS from Tyler Perry productions &
model/actress EVA PIGFORD, America's Next Top Model cycle 3 winner. Yeah, they got engagned Chirstmas Eve (08) ppl are expecting beautiful babies from them. Congratz tho i like them. They seem like good ppl
(despide Eva on ANTM lol)

Lastly, here the doozie!
YES! That's MICHAEL JORDAN & his new "girlfriend", YVETTE PRIETO. No official word has been from MJ's ppl but since they had went out to dinner back in June RUMORS flown about them being together and wedding plan being in the makes. Anyways im cool with it...I did my research on this girl and she Cuban model
(sounds like a double plus to cubano by the way ppl)
Go head MJ!

love to see that HOLLYWOOD isnt all doing bad,

3rd time giving Blood

I do believe I'm an saint :)
Jk ppl but I do save lives regularly by giving blood.
This time I took pictures to prove it.

Giving blood this time was different this time I was woken up 8:45 in the morning (depsite still being asleep)
by my friend to go give blood.
Got there, signed in, waited a bit cuz they're were a lot of ppl there to give blood, got interviewed to make sure my blood is good, then gave blood on this Power Red machine!

The Power Red machine draws your blood then puts the plasma drawn from you back into you with the help of saline solution.

giving blood

recieving plasma & saline

Saving a life or 3,