Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Yo! Mikeman, Where you Been?

SO SORRY I've been gone from the bloggig world for the whole holidays.

You see I have mi primos from TX over & so i have to spend all my time with them...theyre 8 & 14 yo. So my days beside working have been filled with family time filled with video games, board games (SCATTORGIES & UNO baby), movies, bowling, etc.

My CHRISTMAS was great! Nice & Simple!
[I got me some smell goods, some kicks, jeans, scarfs, a stereo & money to get more]

Now on to New Year's.... I sadly work on that dat 1 - 8pm & New Years Eve will be spent @ home with fam (what a drag!)
So it looks looks like I wont be partying the day away but the night is a whole 'nother story! But we still got the weekend!
But thats whats been up with my life.

So Merry belated Christmas & a Happy New Year!


Saturday, December 20, 2008

Paperazzi & Black People DON'T MIX

So we all know black ppl & paperazzi DON'T mixxx well at all...to say the least
case & point: Kanye West
But just in case you missed it (living under a rock or sum'n)
here's the him fighting back w/ his bodygaurd in red!

Go Kanye!

[This lil stunt resulted in him being fined $10,000 in damages & charges of felony vandelism by the state of Cali.]

but hey I have no remorse for paperazzi
They as well as anyone else knows they damn well deserved it. Taking pictures/invading privacy to get the worse pic of celebs for cash is a shame. So what's a damaged camera or a few celebs fighting back compared to the thousands they make off of a shot of Brangelina's baby?!??!?!

Anyways the Brazillian paperazzi done got my girl Kelis now!
& she went Kanye on 'em

The point is Nas gave the warning shot & they should of backed off
but nah & too bad for them
Kelis is a boss b*tch & handled it

The moral of the blog
its bad for you

yet sadly white folk can
made a music video of paperazzi & it be a hit!

Miley Cyrus - Fly On The Wall

i dig this song haha

paperazzi punchin',

Ready for the Weekends...


They're my new pop UK sensation!
Boy, do I fancy them!
The Saturdays [Frankie, Rochelle, Una, Vanessa & Mollie]
A 5 piece Pop, Electropop, Dance-pop girl group hailing from the UK & taking the British airways by storm! And it just so happened that they caught me by storm too... They're my new musical fixation satisfying my addiction for UK music
(cuz as we all know im a sucka for UK music...just in case ya didnt know). They're cute, have great voices, a typical great color coordinated girl group style.

Plus, their debut album.... I WANT!
The Saturdays Chasing Lights

The GIRLS are all very charming. Una is from Ireland is one of the 2 lead vocalist with an amazing voice and these amazing blue eyes w/ her red/brunette hair...its a good look. Frankie has the short hair and was previously in S Club 8 as a child. Dont really have much a feel for this girl but it wouldnt be the same without her. Mollie the blonde had competted in X-Factor as a fan favourite and was previously in a girl group by the name of Fallen Angelz brings a sweet innocent appeal & sound to the group. Now Vanessa is mixxxed: Philippino & English known by the group as their "Christina Aguilera" cuz the girl got her some pipes! My second fav of the group & Lastly, my fav, my sexy English chocolate, Rochelle. Obviously of English & either Caribbean or African descent was also previously in S Club 8 as a child and just brings the statuous model look & voice to the group.

Their SONGS are awesone! Their 1st single "If This Is Love" showcased a bit of all the girls voices & a pretty neat dance beat that makes that noggin'-a-boppin'. The video was crazy colorful and had thier signature "album cover pose" on it as they flaunt & strut all throughtout the video///Their 2nd single "Up" is my shit! The girl can really sing!!!! and the video is genious & so colorful...U just have to see it to believe me///3rd single "Issues" is surprisingly deeper than you'd expect from a pop group and is still a great song about a relationship

The Saturdays - Up

This was The Saturdays
Hope you'll enjoyed them as much as I do.

So ready for The Saturdays,

Thursday, December 18, 2008

"Rain" Playlist

Well its been raining here in Arizona (the DESERT) non-stop! The gloom, the overcast, the grey clouds, the wetness, the melancholiness is really quite depressing (if you let emotions run your life) & Basically the whole weather thing had me bored out of my mind So...

Due to the excessive amount of
rain we've been getting here in AZ via Cali.
I've decided to countdown my top
5 RAIN songs.
[all songs either talk about the rain figuratively thru metaphors & similes for sex, love or life or the beat is a either a heavy downpour or a light drizzle]

5. Jamie Foxx - Storm (Forcass)
4. SWV - Rain
3. Nina Sky - Surely Missed
2. Mary J Blige feat. Ja Rule - Rainy Days
1. Missy Elliott - The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)


Saturday, December 13, 2008

Da Caribbean Connection

My girl, RIHANNA, the super famous megastar [singer & model] from Barbados really brought tha flava of tha islands to the US in 2005 with her hit "Pon De Replay" and ever since then has been cranking them hits. But she wasn't always a superstar it was a slow & steady rise to superstardom but with the help of Jay-Z & lyrics from The Dream the smash hit "UMBRELLA" made her a bonafide star! & the rest is history!

[But back to her being from the Caribbean]
Reggae/Dancehall and any other artists coming from the West Indies all have a hard time making it in the US. And the music industry there in the Caribbean isnt all that booming and expanding as it is here in the US. For example [they may use the same "riddims" or beats for 3 different song by 3 different & your smash hit is basically it for you-end of career/cant beat songs success]. So when anyone out the Caribbean makes it big in the US you sho' as hell give back! & RihRih has definetly done that on her first 2 albums...giving a helping hand to her fellow artist by putting them on her albums (& on the map for success) by just showcasing the talent the Caribbean has to offer.

So here's a lil bit of what the Caribbean Connection or West Indian Hook Up had done...

From Rihanna's song "Rush" from her first album Music of The Sun she featured KARDINAL OFFISHALL
Kardinal Offishall is from Ontario, Canada of Jamaican descent. He mixes a reggae & dancehall style of hip-hop and has dropped 4 albums so far. He also, has been one of the biggest hip-hop rapper on the Canadian & International rap scene.
Song: Dangerous feat AKON

Album NOT 4 SALE in stores NOW

An unreleased song from Music of The Sun called "the Hotness" featured SHONTELLE
Also from Barbados, Shontelle the singer/songwriter/rapper was originally in school to be a lawyer but followed her heart and went to became a singer. She wrote the hit "Roll It Gal" for dancehall artist, Allison Hinds but was remastered and sold to J-Status which featured Shontelle & Rihanna in their song "Roll It". ***hot song by the way*** Anyways word is she's said to be like the new Rihanna...
Song: "T-Shirt"


Lastly, she has done any work with Rihanna but I believe has shown the light for her to be discoved by Akom as Kardinal Offishall has...is TAMI CHYNN
My fav of the three and fav artist [next to Rihanna] from the Caribbean is the Jamaican born, Tami Chynn. She's a singer/dancer/songerwriter and mixxed like a mutt [Afro-Jamaican/British/Chinese] and has be grindin' hard to make it big for a few years now. She's dropped an Out Of Many...One wit a song hot like fiya "Hyperventilating" back in '06. Now she is signed to Konvict Record and with her first single "Frozen"! Be on the lookout fi dis one! I sho will be!

Album PRIMA DONNA out in 2009

staying true to di roots,

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Danity Kane: Where they at?

So hopefully were all up to date on my lovelys...but incase were NOT!
Dumbass & etc DIDDY fired Aubrey & D. Woods of Danity Kane! leaving Shannon, Drea & Dawn left in the group...despite the rumors of Shannon leaving.

Now that were up today..this is how the members [in and out of the group stand]

Shannon, Dawn & Aundrea have been spotted hosting parties and doing a couple shows since the departure of "Ebony & Ivory" and are/were reported to of been recording for their 3rd studio album set to release in 2009 [no actual release date].

No word on D. Woods

Miss O'Day is another story. Rumors of her and 50 CENT has spawned, she's vactioned with Russel Simmons topless on yatch somewhere adn to top it off she photgraphed NUDE for PLAYBOY!

Despite all of Aubrey's ways....that 3rd DK album is said to have all 5 girls on it,
YES! All 5 [Shannon, Drea, Dawn, Auberella & D. Woods] are supposed to be on the album.

so ill keep up all posted on any & all DK news

5x the happy,

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Talk About "USING" Men...

[First off, KNOW that im a sucka for UK MUSIC.
I mean no one but GLO really know how glued I am to the UK music scene.]

Anyways one of my favorite girl groups/pop acts/artists the SUGABABES...so took using men to the extreme!

So let me introduce from their controversially titled 7th studio album Catfights and Spotlights

Sugababes - "No Can Do"
(watch & learn ppl)

NOW... do you see how they (The SUGABABES: Keisha, Amelle & Heidi) literally used men. Like im all for creativity and originality in videos but as a man... Oh man! I'm like how could you use my species like that girls haha
but its all good in the name of a music video!

Used & Abused (in a good way),

Friday, December 5, 2008

BEYONCE I Am... Sasha Fierce

I AM SASHA FIERCE Pictures, Images and Photos

Beyonce's "I Am...Sasha Fierce" is ONE amazing album!
[IF u haven't gotten this album, COP IT!]
Bey surely will be going down in history for bearing her soul and for not being so humble and showing the world why she's a diva on this album. I mean she definetly took it even further on this album on exposing her true self and officially introducing her stage persona, Sasha Fiece in a (real) double disc album. The "I AM..." side is more personal, heartfelt, filled with the ballads & slow songs and in a truly vulnerable state that truly reaches out as she sings her heard out and is felt from song 1 to 8 (on the deluxe edition haha). While the "Sasha Fierce" side is more of what ppl expect of her the smash hits, the banging beats, uptempo, jockable lyrics & dances, etc. This side is the one most ppl appeal to considering this is the Beyonce most are used to. But knowing Bey she defineltly UP'd her game my introducing us to Sasha Fierce (her alter ego) full of attitude, looking right from hair to heels and that sick titanium glove [the sickness!]. Despite "Sasha Fierce" being the more...who do i say "liked, accepted by the masses...if you will disc" "I AM..." is my favorite side of this double disc album and ill explain why in a quick track review....

I AM...


IF I WERE A BOY at first before i heard if had me thinking i hope this isnt no Ciara "like a boy" stuff cuz i expect better from BEY. Glad it wasnt and it delieved and enough so to take a look at yourself as a man avoid those mistakes in the lyrics. HALO so strong, powerful, celestrial, heavanly and meaningful. This happens to be my favorite song on the album! its just to beautiful! like i was blown away by how beautifully the song was sung. Goosebumps ppl thats how amazing it is. AVE MARIA is a song for the lost, very old sounding. perfect especially when she calls out Ave Maria. SMASH INTO YOU is my other fav & def how i want my love. This song is like at least to me freeing and hopeful. THAT'S WHY YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL is acoustic, acoustic ppl that takes skill cuz all the focus is on you carrying the song & she does full of emotion --- SINGLE LADIES (PUT A RING ON IT) sure had me going like gahh! [BEY's bt DREAMGIRL incase ya didnt know] the video is simplictic black & white and 2 backup dancers shaking it. But man was it hot and immitated all throughout Youtube haha. The is true and should have men taking real notice of women. If you dont know by now u will get left then. RADIO delivered its my jam cuz i feel the same way :) DIVA damn right she is and is about time she stood up to the name. This song is the female version of A MILLI and is straigt hotness. SWEET DREAMS would still have to be 2 favorite. It leak over the summer and was remastered for the album but man this is still and will forever be on of my favorite songs ever! EGO was truly scared of the song before i heard it cuz she doesnt have one but nevermind she desevres hers and all that is hers. Check the song for confrimation.

that concludes my music review of "I AM...SASHA FIERCE"
I CANT RATE this album cuz im infatuated with the artist clouding my judgement but im telling you its great and you wont be disappointed. She's to good to be disappointed by this 2008 double disc bringing you the heart & soul and Sasha Fierce of Miss Beyonce Knowles

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I was on the News

So I get off of work today and I'm picked up by my cousin Ody, brother Jr and his friend Kevin. Well on the way home we see lights far off in the distance & the closer we get to home, the closer we get to the lights and start to realize that its this huge Christmas light display.

So we decide to go check it out and man was it well worth it. We drove thru the front of this house located on 63th & Baseline in Laveen, AZ and Im telling u CHRISTMAS LIGHTS GALORE! on the ground, walls, roof top, fence and everywhere else. They had lights flickering and standard in greens, reds, blues, whites, rainbow just so much color! Also Cartoon characters out the wazoo - Tom & Jerry, Mickey Mouse & friends, Lil Mermaid, The Jetsons, Shrek, Monsters Inc., Smurfs, Winnie the Pooh & friends, The Simpons, etc [Whatever U can think of im sure they had it]

IT truly was a sight to see. But anyways so as we view the house and pull up to the front of this man's house Yetta Gibson from the FOX 10 was there & Interviewed us. She was so cool, I mean incase you dont know she;s really pretty and shes black and just real cool...completly not what u expect from a news reporter. What made her super cool was the fact that she said she came to us because she
just wanted to hear some Lil Wayne
cuz at the time "Mrs. Officier" was playing on the radio during the interview looking like some ghettoass black folk haha

So after the interview we left and thought "OMG were finna be on the news.... what time tho?" So we go back to the house and considering everyone was like scared to talk to the news reporter thinking she'd be a "_____ dependin on how u dress her" I went and asked her "if we were gonna be on the news" and what time then just started talking for about 15 mins before the rest of the fam came to talk to her. And lemme tell ya Yetta is real cool ppls!

Anyways no video but heres the URL so see mee

Mike on the News: Cartoon House in the Southwest Valley

I texted everyone about me being on the news and for them to watch FOX Channel 10 between 9:30 & 9:45 to see me on the news... sadly they edited what i said out and u just got me Cheezin'!

famous & starstruck,
Mikeman... (no autographs plz haha)