Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Close...but no cigar

So I'm incredibly, NO desperatly close to being able to buying a car!
"So close I can almost taste" according to Natasha Bedingfield :) its not even funny.
I've been traveling around the city of Phoenix via public transportation aka the bus (Valley Metro)...and it SUCKS ASS!
1hr30mins from home to school
[vice versa]
1hr30mins from home to work
[Luckily I get a ride home]

That's 3 to 4hrs being spent traveling on the bus a day!

So I'm sure u get the picture.
I'm a 19 yo college student in need of a car cuz asking/bumming for rides to parties or where ever else I want/need to go AINT COOL at all.

But like I said the funds are almost there. I'm guess after this semester in May I'll have enough saved up to go out an buy me a car!

Can't wait till the day,

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