Saturday, November 7, 2009

Mikeman's Birthday [Nov 6]

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Name: Mikeman
DOB: 11/06/1989
Age: 20
Mood: On top of the freakin' WORLD!!!!!

Yes, yall Nov 6th is my BIRTHDAY!
*airhorn airhorn*
prior to the day I was scheduled to work which was a personal killjoy but a #textsthatgetnoreply got REPLIED to! My co-worker Aubree was willing to cover my shift friday and work for me. Unfortunetly, I still had to go to class with a math test awaiting my presence but its all good cuz I sho did show that test who's the BOSS! and finished school by 12.

Rewind to the 11/5
My homie Luis have been waiting & talking bout My BIRTHDAY since it was October 6th. And on Twitter Vero, Frankie & Dtay (my homies) and Dara were counting down the minutes like some late night tweeters haha! As soon as it turned 12,
I got the Happy Birthday tweets from
@veroooo , @frankenstein_23 , @fuckurlifebitch & @menaababyy22
and even earlier in the day a Happy Birthday tweet from @xCurry08 in the BK & @ZIONOLOGY in the UK!
& as the day progressed I got my BDAY tweets from
@MissDimplez , @MsErika1986, @LiL_Ta, @AntonioReyX360, @YoungMelo & @WonderWomanAce.

My Facebook is filled with Happy Birthdays from everyone
[Kaitlan, Zion, Reggie, Tony, Frankie, Corey, Mena, Bryttenni, Alex, La'Nai, Glo, Chirs Jervis, Damaris, Ami, Renaka, Wilmar, Diana, Mickell, Corrin, Aaron, Evelyn, Greg, Becky, Maria, Mirna, Tere, Elisabet, Mme, Erika, Maleah, Mykaela, Josh & Tristian]

I got mad Happy Birthday texts
[Vero, Luis, Mena, Eric, Dtay, Kaity, Evelyn, Cass, Jess, Nessa, Shaq, Marlin, Maritza, Odalys, Stephanie, Rebecca & Melissa & convos]

I even got sung Happy Birthday en espanol haha
[thx Kurt haha]

& of coarse Myspace gave me love too!

ALL in all I definetely felt loved today!
Thank you all for making my 20th Bday the effin BEST!


BEST Happy Birthday wish
"Happy bday big dick ass mother fucker. Hope its the shit and I wish you the best pussy ever! Lol" - ERIC


Juicy Carter said...

Happy belated birthday!

GL0 said...

OMG!!! i can sooo see Eric saying that! Lmao.. good sh*T.. and HAPPY B-DAY.. AGAIN! Lol :-D