Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I suffer from...

An overactive mind,
a heavy heart
I get too far ahead of myself
and I tend to forget about myself
I'm having trouble saying what I mean
I got it right but it was all a dream.

My thoughts run a million miles per hour
Sometimes in life I feel devoured
My soul's gone awry
My body ain't alright
I'm running on E due to no sleep.

I know if my mind, heart, body & soul ain't in it,
I'm not in it to win it.

You can't buy time and I'm just waiting on mine.

So I grind until it's my time to shine.


Pam said...

Hi! I'm an educator, a mixed media artist and writer; some writings are poems...which made me stop in the blogosphere and read yours; you have tons of TALENT young man! Poetry is all about truthful emotion and your works smacks of truthful emotion! I hope you'll visit my blogs: Lens Cap Off and Spirituality 101: art and reflective writing...leave comments and become a follower--I just became one of yours; keep up the terrific writing!

Rachel said...

i've been randomly reading blogs finding for poetry writer... and you know what thus far, I've read your writings-its AMAZING