Monday, March 1, 2010

#MusicMonday: Cool Kids - "I'm Mikey (I Rock)"

Cool Kids - "I'm Mikey"

this right here.
this is my theme song.
"I'm Mikey [I-I-I Rock]"

can't argue wit that
so rock to it.

#MusicMonday 2/22/2010

music video by Caitlan 'kk' Hickey
*giving credit where credit is due*

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This That ,And The Other said...

Just a lil note to let all my subscibers know that the address to my blog has changed . Blogger for some reason doesnt redirect my peeps to the new address nor do they update my new blogs in the updated blogs ,so here it is be sure to bookmark it or whateva. Hope to see you on the page soon !