Monday, March 22, 2010

#MusicMonday: Erykah Badu feat Lil Wayne - "Jump Up In The Air (Stay There)"

Erykah Badu feat. & Lil Wayne
"Jump Up In The Air (Stay There)"

the moment I heard this song I knew it'd be my JAM!
I seriously just wanna "Jump Up In The Air (Stay There)"

"Truly I don’t give a fuck I am on the ceiling stuck
Like a fan full of dust
Like her hand full of bucks"

I'm defiently glad Miss Erykah Badu's funky & soulful self is back!
in teaming up w/ Lil Wayne I was scared his verse was gonna be compatible w/ Badu's flow it was just as off the wall
Bilal's backing vocals blend w/ Erykah's just right for this track too
video is definitely something she'd think up
the ending is so immaculate
[read up on ya art if you don't see it]

#MusicMonday 3/8/2010

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