Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Last Weekend [4/24/2010]

This photo pretty much sums up my weekend.
-King's Cup
-folks got drunk
-homie threw up
-the lone homegirl
-"Never Have I..."
great times & a camera that caught it all

Drunk people are quite entertaining.

top to bottom
Johnny Ray, Jesse, Jandro, Jojo, Nando, Luis, Mikeman [me]
photo [taken] by Will.

Anyways, so I layedd down 'cause I was tired and it like like 2 in the morning. All of a sudden, Luis got on me to wrestle 'cause I always get him. [Dudes rough house as our parents say.. what'd you expect]
But then automatically Nando got on top of him and the next thing I know I got everyone on my back and I'm at the bottom of a dog pile!
Backbreaking & hard to breath to say the least haha
I'm guessing I had close to 1000 lbs on me!?!?
Yet all I could hear was Luis on top of me saying, "I cant breath! I cant breath!" and by the looks of this photo....
I'd say Jojo [the girl] couldn't breath.
She told me her ribs hurt BAD haha

Night well spent,

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