Monday, September 6, 2010

I heart HATER

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This phrase is my #petpeeve

this little hip-hop motto
has seemed to spread like wildfire into the mouths of the masses.
I just don't get it. Why people are focusing so much of your time, money, energy and efforts into someone you "hate" ? It's pointless to me. Nonsensical.
You giving them way too much credit and lead way for them to do what they do best (which is hate). I understand they "motivate you" and all... but you ain't constantly gotta let that be known to the world. People talk about haters like they ain't got anything else to do. Like they run their lives and if that's the case you need a reality check because YOU letting them RUN your life which means you ain't doing shit for haters to hate on. Plus, I'm sure most of these so called "haters" are a figment of your imagination 'cause unless your talked about or hated to the point where you can't live your life #HoeSitDown. Especially if you're the type that need to trash talk others (the haters) to feel better about themselves. You yourself are a hater with absolutely nothing good to say. With all that BS that spews out your mouth... I ultimately could careless about shit that don't concern me.

Don't hate,


youngcobris said...

I love this post.

DJ 5SM said...

This links back to a tweet you made way back;

"What's sad is how people are quick to give a shoutout to their haters but not a single thanks to their support."