Wednesday, September 1, 2010

First WEEK of School

I started school August 23
rough first week back
I'm taking...
ACCOUNTING 230 / 240
MATH 212

First day is always filled with boring syllabus talk as the professor blabs on about class expectations, student requirements, etc --- crickets were head campusewide it was so boring.

ACCOUNTING was something familiar for me as a business major. I'm taking an 8 week class for both ACC 230 & 240 to get it all over with. After the syllabus chatter we got straight to work since its a 2hr class. Straight to the point which is why I like this class despite me disliking accounting haha this class should be executed swiftly & deadly! (Even though accounting isn't my strong point...)& having this class at 8 is tiring since I'm still in sleep mode. Nonetheless, accounting is an evil I must conquer to acquire an Associates degree in Business.

MATH bores me. I don't like math. Never did but I still put in the necessary work to make the grades I want in the subject. Hoping for the same with this class in Calculus.

CIS (Computer Information Systems) feels like Computers 101 so far... don't know much about the this class since we haven't done much but that's all a matter of time until I'm drowning in CIS work. Until then this class is so boring I almost fall asleep everyday in this class.

So that was my first week of school.
One more semester after this then AA,

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