Saturday, May 26, 2012


Funny how inspiration can come from the most unlikely of places.
At times it's at an all-time low.
Other times it's coming at me from everywhere and everything and it just can't be contained. To where I'm bursting with it and sometimes have no idea what to do with it.
It's immobilizing. And you just have to wait until the wave subsides...
Like a midnight rush, blessings in disguise.
And now more than ever I'm feeling inspired, no lie.
I've always knew there were beautiful things out there,
(I've seen them myself)
I've always knew there was more and wanted better, wanted the best for myself
(I've dreamed and made it a goal for myself)
but actually witnessing and being in the presence of these intangibles
makes me want to go even harder to take it even farther.


Some from people, people I view in the highest regards.
People who will never know how big of an impact they have on me,
Regardless of how well I truly know them but never letting that change the fact they inspire me.

Some from things, things overlooked, things forgotten.
Things not as mentioned, things not regarded as cool or the norm, things not as socially accepted.
No matter how odd or off because it's those that in get me going.
The way things should be and how I want them to be.

Some from places, places that only take a mood or a mindset to transition to.
Places that a mere image can have you jet-setting with the feeling.
Places where being in it's presence will have will have it undeniably apparent.

Ultimately, this collaborative conglomerate of inspiration keeps me fueled and motivated to do, to be, to achieve.
Life... that's inspiring enough
And I'm inspired!

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