Monday, May 28, 2012

#MusicMonday: Anjulie - "Rain"

Anjulie - "Rain"
Sometimes I just like to chill out to this song. 

is a Canadian "pop" singer/songwriter from Guyana of Indian descent
now working on here sophomore album 
after several hits off of her '09 debut album 'Anjulie.'

But back to the song...
 We all know this feeling of
"wanting to get back with an ex 
but knowing better and knowing you shouldn't
so you're then tortured and left thinking to yourself what to do type deal"
 but I truly think Anjulie completely captures it in it's entirety. 
The feeling of being caught out in the rain. 
In between 2 decisions because you're living lived both right and wrong.
Rain, one of the purest moments of reflection.
Causing you to be completely submerged in thought, pain, pleasure
with no shame liberating yourself or with total regret, crying out in camouflaged sorrow.

"I know you're not good for me
And I know you're like a drug, it's killing me.
But I don't wanna get my fix
No baby, I don't want to let you in our out."

I easily play this 5x in a row.
It's that real.

#MusicMonday 5/28/12

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