Monday, June 25, 2012

Black Aquarium

So I started my aquarium back up
(after a good 4 year hiatus)

So a lil older, a bit more grown

I came back with a smooth, impressive

Black Aquarium
Azul is my Betta fish
He's a beast when it comes to eating his bloodworms. So vicious. A curious lil fella that gets into the weirdest positions and places
and does the oddest things
but it's cool because that iridescent color
he's got going on is immaculate!

4 African Dwarf Frogs
Yes, 2 are actually albino/white/blonde
I've always had these frogs as a pet ever since 4th grade
It's fun to watch them inhabit the bottom of the aquarium
sans the fighting

One pretty cool aquarium