Friday, July 3, 2009

Hello [HELL NO] from the SCARY AS HELL black bug at my door

So Thursday (July 2, 2009)
Mom & I are coming home from picking me up form work.
As were arriving home we see something pretty big on the wall by the porch light?

(now if we can see it from pulling into the driveway its pretty big)

So were in the car saying "its a rutabaga," and some other stuff just playing around. I get out the car to see what it is cuz regardless, I have to open the door to get into the house.


I approach to see what it is - its a GIGANTIC BLACK ASS BUG
its like the size of my 2 fingers (and i got big long fingers)

its a BIG ASS BEETLE and that's all I know
Long black antennas, 6 long legs, wings for days, a sharp pincer & put the fear of idk what in me. TERROR was what cam over me...
Lord knows black ppl & bugs don't mix.
[And if you dont know I AM AFRAID OF BUGS]
It was "larger than LIFE," I have no idea where it came from? why it was there? NADA, but it scared the SH!T outta me.

So if there are any entomologists out there,
please enlighten me about the bug that greeted me at the door.

Frightfully yours,


GL0 said...

ewwwwwwww.. now if YOU were scared by this.. u know i would be SHITTIN BRICKS like CRAZY!!!
Man, DIAHRREA BRICKS @ that! Good Lord the bxtch that woulda came outta me when i seen this.. lol.

Mikeman said...

I know
aint that the truth.

U woulda been down the block already haha
but yeah thanks you for feeling my fear

Juicy Carter said...

oh hell no lol, i would have spent the night somewhere else that night, i wouldnt be able to bring myself to open the door

Mikeman said...

HAHA yeah I had half a mind to sleep in the car!
I had no intentions of battling the bug but we had to get inside my moms was cooking curried rice & chicken so i had to Juicy Carter

Juicy Carter said...

lmao you're a good one!

Anonymous said...

I just found a huge black beetle on my driveway and its pretty freaky. i poked it in the face with a stick and it bit my stick O.O and when i poke it in the side it makes freaky squeking noises