Monday, October 5, 2009

"Out of Love"

"Out of Love"
by Michael A Bowens

In and Out of Love like Cheri Dennis
Back and Forth like a game of tennis
Same thang expecting a change
This is INSANE!
And yet we live it.
You wanna break but not break up
We're exclusive but I saw you with him
I love you, I hate you
let me love you, fuck you
like opposites we attract
but like damn magnets we repel
We don't fight tooth & nail because we're not together,
So I can't "go to hell"
You're volatile and unstable
And for us I was willing and able
But I was playing you, playing me
We both can see that this cant be
Thinking the same will change
living the beautiful insane
Score: 0 to 0 love
because there is no love, love
I'd love a rematch
but 'til then
Out with Love.



Rebecca said...

*snaps fingers* preach!

pennanddpaperr said...

that was dope. definately digging that.