Monday, February 1, 2010

#MusicMonday: Alicia Keys - "Fallin'"

Alicia Keys - "Fallin'"

& to think this was just her start
[braids x the piano TO hips x the piano]
this lil New Yorkers always had style, grace & class
song still gives me chills
[the voice, the emotion, the piano]
You most definitely felt the love & pain: man or female
no matter if your in or out of love.
"Fallin'" had the radio on LOCKDOWN back in '01
and will always have my heart
[ Songs in A Minor is must have to your music collection ]
She's definitely an amazing artist
and one HELL of a Superwoman!

love ya Alicia

#MusicMonday 1/25/2010

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Anonymous said...

That damn man stealing Alicia DOES make amazing music! STEAL ON!