Thursday, July 1, 2010

ERYKAH BADU Concert feat Janelle Monae & J*Davey

Wednesday, June 22, 2010
I went the ERYKAH BADU Concert
Out of My Mind, Just In Time Tour 2010 AD
feat Janelle Monae & J*Davey @ the Marquee Theatre in Phoenix, AZ!
And you have no idea how EXCITED I was go to. I truly do love Miss E. Badu!
It was the Sunday before the concert I saw a tweet go figure from @yayamartinez [a local radio host for underground hip-hop]
giving out concert tickets for Erykah Badu. Just call in to win. So fan-crazed me called in, sang a Erykah Badu song + BAM!
Won concert ticket!!!

I like J*Davey despite not being well known.
They did my song "Slooow" so I couldn't complain!
Her odd lil vocals and sexy stage performance

Janelle Monae
Now I've been following Monae since she before she was a signed artist
got her first album + unreleased songs
so to see her for real on stage was surreal
she has incredible stage performance; animated as life
Her tightrope is the bizzzzzzzzzz!
*at the end of her set she stage dived.
I caught HER!

Erykah Badu
from her entrance to the encore
Badu is just greatness
such stage presence is felt when she's in a building
that personality must be great to be around 24/7
and that voice soars and fills the room

She did all here songs
On & On, Window Seat, Bag Lady, etc
its was a real live set
the crowd was just loving her!

that shirt was iconic and meant more that words here in Arizona
SB 1070
Phenomenal performance really...
made my summer.
I mean the best I can describe it is if you've been you an Erykah Badu concert
you know exactly what was experienced.
We were all one under the name of Badu
nothing but love in the building!

Gotta love Badu!



Anonymous said...

I love J Davey! "Slow" is ALSO my shit!!!!

I have ALSO been following Jane since before she was signed and I also have her unreleased album. "Star" and "Letting Go" is my shit!!!!!

Now, I don't usually agree with Ms. Badu and her fashion sense but dare I say she looked "cute".....

LOve the shirt since I am labeled one all the damn time!

I wish I could have been, BIG BADU FAN!

Although, I heard when she was on tour with Maxxy, she was late.


Mikeman said...

Ahhh! those are my exactly favorite songs by Monae.

Badu is definetly out there with her fashion like when she first got on stage I was like, "idk what you wearing but you gon need to take that all off 'cause you know you too hot"

She looked good.
I wanted one of those shirts so bad too.
to rep my Latino side haha

Some Chilean Woman said...