Monday, July 26, 2010

#MusicMonday: Cuban Link feat. P!NK - "Play How You Want"

Cuban Link feat. P!NK - "Play How You Want"

an old song
back when P!NK first came out on the scene and did r&b
back when Cuban Link rapped with Terror Squad.
Still a huge fan of rebel ass PINK
IDK what happened to Cuban Link
this used to be one of my favorite song
never knew of P!NK could get on a song with a little Latin vibe
just a hot little song from my past
off of Cuban Link's unreleased album 24K back in 2000

"Its Pink and Cuban Link.
This is the club with a Latin swing.
So if ya wit' it baby
Blaze up a blunt
Drink till your drunk
Ain't no rules where we're from.
Do your thing, Play how you want
Its Pink and Cuban Link
Cause he be shinin' like a diamond ring.
Now we be bringin' it straight from the Bronx
Drinkin Dom Pérignon
Till six in the mornin'
There's a party goin on!"

#MusicMonday 7/26/2010


Anonymous said...

Her voice is fucking AMAZING!

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Anonymous said...

thas mah muthafukin bitch yo!!