Thursday, July 1, 2010

"Shine" by Mikeman

I don't get how anyone can be with someone that dims their shine.
I couldn't be with someone that comprises what's mine.
She's the star in the relationship and its clear to see.
With a future and personality so bright,
her dude must of caught her with a bunch of artificial neon lights.
Boyfriend mean muggs while the girl lights up the room with a smile
that'll light up the night sky for miles.
I'm not speaking as another dude trynna get at her.
I'm speaking as the one who reminds her.
She'll never be that that star she was destined to be
not hangin' wit that B.
You shine 'cause you're a star
I just need you to know who you are.

by Mikeman


Anonymous said...

".....I just need you to know who you are......"

My favorite line!!!!

GL0 said...

LOVE THIS MIKEMAN!!!!! Very deep my friend :)