Sunday, January 16, 2011

HOE [the double standard]

Here's my point of view on the matter.
Ladies, you complain about them
BUT I really don't SEE or UNDERSTAND WHY?

Christina Aguilera really explains in her song, "Can't Hold Us Down" feat. Lil Kim

"if you look back in history
its a common double standared of society.
The guy gets all the glory the more he can score
while the girl can do the same but yet you call her a whore.
I don't understand why its okay
the guy can get away with it, the girl gets named." -Xtina

This has been an issue throughout time.
The more girls the dude gets the more of the man homie is.

"Here's something I just cant understand,
if a guy have 3 girls then he's the man.
He can even give her some head or sex her off
but if a girl do the same then shes a whore." -Lil Kim

The lyrics are blunt & abrasive but the truth usually is
and I agree with it [and the lyrics] 100%
Well you shouldn't be you see...
I have higher standards for women.
Having hoes is more of man thing!
WOMEN should be ladies and know better that to be treated as such and to even do the same because I feel you should/can/will do better.
Don't get me wrong men shouldn't treat women that way from the beginning but with females on the receiving end or enacting the in such behavior it doesn't make me think you any better of you.

Food for thought,