Sunday, January 16, 2011

My 2 Cents (Advice...)

Take my advice; I'm not using it anyways...

Well in actuality, you should.

My 2 cent is 2 cent well earn and should be taken with much consideration.
I say this not in conceit or cockiness because that's I'm definitely NOT but because I care enough to give it to you and not see you fail or lose your way. And regardless if you consider me a friend, if I consider you a friend of mine I will honestly do whatever it take to see you make it and never see you cry, hurt or mad.

I realize I give out wise, sound and understanding advice out to friends & family (as I've been told). I know it's because I truly naturally am a nice guy and hate seeing people doing bad & distraught. I genuinely love to see people doing good and thriving on their own 2 feet, making something of themselves.

I know no matter what you're going through there's someone out there who wishes they could walk in your shoes.

So it kills me to see individuals I honestly care about pain, sad, etc. and if as cliche as it sounds I would do anything to turn the frown upside. I've always been the big brother with friends and fam always looking out for everyone and it truly comes from the heart. So know if my words hurt it's 'cause they're a bit blunt but its 'cause I care. And if I'm there for you when you're down or at your lowest then you can rest assure I'll be there when you're feeling good and at your greatest!

Yet I know some people would only listen to me if I was a mp3...


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