Saturday, February 19, 2011

Current Standings...

I think I just needed to vent so...
I'm gonna write because that seems to be the only thing I can get right.

Not really sure where to begin...
or where it began.
Things seem to fall apart
it likes making me a part.
I try my best not to fall apart
but it's hard to conceptualize
this shit isn't art!
It's nothing new or foreign
I just wish I had better control of the reigns.
They seem to like to fail me
All at once, all for one, I am the one
that lucky son of a gun.
Sometimes they win, sometimes I can't win
but no matter who wins they never get the best of me
and that substance comes from within.
Many give up and plenty give in
but no matter the odds
I'm guaranteed
the Win.

1 comment:

wilsonwatson said...

I normally hate poetry but I find yours amazingly real and down to earth. Keep writing!