Monday, December 28, 2009

FEAR [inspired by Jazmine Sullivan]

One of my favorite songs
"Fear" by Jazmine Sullivan.

"This may sound silly but its true
So don't pretend it ain't you too
We're all afraid of something there
Cuz you ain't human without FEAR"

I believe "there's nothing to fear but fear itself." But since fear is something we manifest in our minds due to either a rational or irrational hysteria its hard to void on our own because of our individual rational or irrational selves.

Too heavy? Too deep?
Well its simple actually. But we make it up to be more than what it really is by personifying something that's not even real. I wish I could give you advice on how to conquer your fears but I've got some of my own.

3 Biggest FEARS:
I'm deathly pyrophobic.
[tell me fire doesn't burn and I won't fear it --- impossible]

Afraid of heights
[probably why I'm afraid of roller coasters haha]

Fear of not knowing what my future holds...
[I believe this is a loaded fear. Both a fear of time (the uncertain future) and not: knowing and being in control (the uncertainty).

I get really contemplative and start to wondering what my future holds for me. Like what's going to happen (in my life). With life there's no guarantee or guidebook to lead the way... in this journey called life. So when I really get to thinking about my future it truly does freak me out NOT knowing what is to become of me. If I'm doing the right thing? Making the right moves? etc. I overanalyze everything before I make a move and sometime I even think I kill myself over for that. [I'M DEFINITELY A THINKER] But before I kill myself in thought over analyzing life I stop and think...
"And if everything turns out
The way I hope it goes
Then I can't wait to find out
What it is that God knows" - Mutya Buena

Only God knows what's in store for me
So Imma just let his plan for me ride out

fears handed to God,

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