Friday, December 25, 2009

TOP 3 Christmas Songs

Merry Christmas Pictures, Images and Photos
hope you all are having a great one with family and friends

Now as much as I love music
(unlike some of yall) I like Christmas music.

Top 3 Christmas songs are...

TLC - Very Merry Christmas

This is just a really fun track
TLC always so so much personality in everything they do and this song set the Christmas season for me.

Destiny's Child - Opera of the Bells

Beautiful is the best way I can describe it.
I've always loved this song and I've always loved DC
so when they coved they song....
the harmonizations are ON POINT!

& lastly for laughs
Chunky P.A.M. - Merry X.X.X.L.M.A.S.

She got some fat rhymes & some fat food too haha
She delievers the real realness of Christmas
the food.
this is just a funny song...
its even on my ipod haha

Merry Christmas


Toy Couture said...

I just spent 30 min looking for the download to that DC joint ..prople often forget about it

That Chunky Pam was funny as hell!!!

Mikeman said...

Limewire bro haha
but yeah most probably did

& that Chunky PAM is my shit!
I rap that during the holidays just for kicks haha