Saturday, December 19, 2009

Its been 5 MONTHS...

It's officially been 5 MONTHS since I had my anaphylaxtic reaction.
To fill you all in 3 months ago I July 19, 2009 I had an anaphylaxtic reaction to KIX cereal in which I was rushed to the ER, almost died & spent the night in ICU until my release the next day.

Since then I have been going to doctors and an allergist where I got tested to see what I am allergic to & to find out what triggered/caused my anaphylaxtic reaction.

The results showed that
Nuts & Oats,
NSAIDs [non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs]
(and clearly to stay away from them because the next reaction can be worse)

Since then life (foodwise) has SUCKED BIG TIME!
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Cereal (most cereals) --- consists of OATS
Candy Bars --- most are made of PEANUTS
Snacks --- have both: NUTS & OATS
NO Oatmeal, NO Banana Nut Bread, NO Granola
NO Oatmeal Cookies or White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Coolies
[my favorite this allergy FML]
NO ibuphofen because its an NSAID.
NO Chick-fil-A --- chicken cooked in Peanut Oil.

I basically have to check the ingredient list of most of the foods I eat (especailly its it looks questionable having a potential to have OATS or NUTS) & I have to clear all OTC meds thru my allergist first to prevent another reaction.

I feel like I'm on a "Food Lockdown" [no Kanye haha]
I cant eat shxt without knowing whats in it... but hey that's my life and I'm living it! I'm living and that's all I can really be thankful for. Thank God!



Juicy Carter said...

IM HERE!!! lol. Well be thankful for that. The peanut allergy sucks for me and i dont even have it. I have to read everything before i give it to my son and explain to him why he cant eat what his friends/brothers eat. it sucks.

Katrina said...

omg honey! Bless your glad you are okay now and know what to stay away from!

Kelly Nina Kiyyah said...

LOL @ Juicy! I'm here too!!!!!!

I can totally feel you on the food allergies!!! I had a bad reaction to soy back in 2005. My mouth, tongue, lips were swollen! =/ it was baaaaad...but not as bad as you!!! Since then i cant have anything with soy or wheat! Which pretty much means I eat NOTHING! LOL! I must say its a GREAT diet!!!! ;)

Glad you're alive to tell the story!!


Mikeman said...


I'm happy you're a good enough mother to not just get somethibng cuz it has peanuts in it but actually reading label & ingredient lists.

But yes I'm definetly glad I'm still alive.

and allergies really are kinda good diets like you said. Like i dont need candy bars as it is anyways haha

Glad you're actually okay too.
These allergies are no joke.
Wheat and soy are in everything too just like me and my nuts and oats.

Thank God for life.