Thursday, December 11, 2008

Danity Kane: Where they at?

So hopefully were all up to date on my lovelys...but incase were NOT!
Dumbass & etc DIDDY fired Aubrey & D. Woods of Danity Kane! leaving Shannon, Drea & Dawn left in the group...despite the rumors of Shannon leaving.

Now that were up today..this is how the members [in and out of the group stand]

Shannon, Dawn & Aundrea have been spotted hosting parties and doing a couple shows since the departure of "Ebony & Ivory" and are/were reported to of been recording for their 3rd studio album set to release in 2009 [no actual release date].

No word on D. Woods

Miss O'Day is another story. Rumors of her and 50 CENT has spawned, she's vactioned with Russel Simmons topless on yatch somewhere adn to top it off she photgraphed NUDE for PLAYBOY!

Despite all of Aubrey's ways....that 3rd DK album is said to have all 5 girls on it,
YES! All 5 [Shannon, Drea, Dawn, Auberella & D. Woods] are supposed to be on the album.

so ill keep up all posted on any & all DK news

5x the happy,

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G-M0N3Y said...

ok, so WTF!? was this all just a stunt by the infamous DIDDY!?
if they were kicked out the group, why would they be on the album?? not that i dont want them to, it just doesn't make sense .. and speakin of nonsense ..have u also heard the rumors of aubrey bein a LESBIAN! or a bisexual at least .. she said when it came to love she has no 'sexual preference' .. wow .. i thought she couldn't get any sluttier .. ha .. proved me wrong!