Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I was on the News

So I get off of work today and I'm picked up by my cousin Ody, brother Jr and his friend Kevin. Well on the way home we see lights far off in the distance & the closer we get to home, the closer we get to the lights and start to realize that its this huge Christmas light display.

So we decide to go check it out and man was it well worth it. We drove thru the front of this house located on 63th & Baseline in Laveen, AZ and Im telling u CHRISTMAS LIGHTS GALORE! on the ground, walls, roof top, fence and everywhere else. They had lights flickering and standard in greens, reds, blues, whites, rainbow just so much color! Also Cartoon characters out the wazoo - Tom & Jerry, Mickey Mouse & friends, Lil Mermaid, The Jetsons, Shrek, Monsters Inc., Smurfs, Winnie the Pooh & friends, The Simpons, etc [Whatever U can think of im sure they had it]

IT truly was a sight to see. But anyways so as we view the house and pull up to the front of this man's house Yetta Gibson from the FOX 10 was there & Interviewed us. She was so cool, I mean incase you dont know she;s really pretty and shes black and just real cool...completly not what u expect from a news reporter. What made her super cool was the fact that she said she came to us because she
just wanted to hear some Lil Wayne
cuz at the time "Mrs. Officier" was playing on the radio during the interview looking like some ghettoass black folk haha

So after the interview we left and thought "OMG were finna be on the news.... what time tho?" So we go back to the house and considering everyone was like scared to talk to the news reporter thinking she'd be a "_____ dependin on how u dress her" I went and asked her "if we were gonna be on the news" and what time then just started talking for about 15 mins before the rest of the fam came to talk to her. And lemme tell ya Yetta is real cool ppls!

Anyways no video but heres the URL so see mee

Mike on the News: Cartoon House in the Southwest Valley

I texted everyone about me being on the news and for them to watch FOX Channel 10 between 9:30 & 9:45 to see me on the news... sadly they edited what i said out and u just got me Cheezin'!

famous & starstruck,
Mikeman... (no autographs plz haha)

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