Friday, August 7, 2009

Talking SH!T at the barbershop ('bout ME?!)

So I got a fresh haircut cuz Mikeman was looking mighty nappy!

So I go to my barbershop.
No line = No Wait = Barbershop Paradise cuz I DON'T KNOW ABOUT YOU but I don't like waiting for my haircut. It already takes a while for PERFECTION for my hair to get cut. Anyways, I got in, sat down, said I wanted "1 on top & a 0 on the sides" for a fresh fade and he started cuttin' away...
here in Arizona we have Mexicans. Now race doesn't matter - I'm not racist, but without giving too much explanation tha fact that they're Mexican is vital to the story.
...and about 2 seconds into clippin' my hair he (my barber) starts speaking in Spanish with the owner/head barber and another barber.

Talk about DISRESPECT!
[Speaking in another language in front of someone who: 1) who clearly doesn't know the language and 2) would assume your talking about them ('bout ME?!)]

It was rapid fire espanol the moment the clippers grazed my naps.
I wasn't paying attention to a word they said, until I heard 'em say moreno and then I was all ears.
Moreno means dark-skinned and obviously dark-skinned Hispanics but also for a word used, here in AZ, for Black folks and there wasn't anyone Black in there but me. But what yall may not know about me is I'm CUBAN. I know Spanish (for the most part...I don't speak it cuz I forgot it cuz I never used it)

So like the saying goes my ears are burning as I quote/unquote eavesdrop their convo as these Mexicans talk about me? el moreno??? Cuz they really got some NERVES talking bout me like that while cutting my hair. The audacity! Talking mainly about the difference between Blacks & Hispanics regarding hair, hair product, haircuts, attitudes and just talking straight mess bout my [Black] peoples...

I was on the verge of laughter cuz 1) they don't know that I know they talking about me right under the clippers & 2) These Mexicans are really talking mess and I truly cant wait to confront their asses about this.

I was in disbelief like it felt like forever when you know someone is talking bout YOU with a look on your face like "this bitch..."

Cuttin' to the chase after the barbers stopped talkin' SH!T
Barber "So do you know Spanish?"
[cuz he had the feeling I was listening to their convo]
Me "yeah"
Barber "Oh for reals?" *shocked*
Me "yeah, I'm Cuban"
[nonchalant/as a matter of fact]
Barber "Oh.." *caught*
Barber "So you understood what we were saying?"
Me "yeah, pretty much"

Then we talk'd it out mainly about me being Cubano and yeah we cool now
He knows better than to talk SH!T about me in Spanish cuz just yeah...



Juicy Carter said...

lol, im glad you guys could talk it out but i might of cussed his ass out the second those clippers stopped. and who asks if someone can speak spanish after the fact? thats dumb as hell

Mikeman said...

lol I feel ya
like how you gone ask that but he did and i let him know!
"never play the fool"

but we most deff talk that out
most unacceptable... like seriously