Monday, August 17, 2009


I'm not easily influenced
I makes my own moves, do my own thang
eff it if im not in the "in-crowd"
[although I am haha]
cuz I can honestly care less about what other ppl are doing
So for the most part I am a pretty good guy
I got a pretty good CONSCIENCE on my shoulder
BUT I wonder about the society'
more specifically some of my friends I see do wrong, getting caught up in things they ought not.

KEEP IN MIND your "real" friends are your circle of influence.
NO ONE is perfect so they as well as we all have our flaws, vices, sins, habits, fixes, addictions etc... if you catch my drift

that battle between good and bad/right & wrong is your CONSCIENCE talking to you. Listen to it! Its a shame how most ppl ignore it or flatout dont have one. I mean dont get me wrong, we all sometimes give into temptation although the idea is to fight it because its bad for you but some ppl just lavish in the id [or live & love to do bad] and it really puzzles me how corrupt, evil and self-destructive ppl can be.

AT the slightest idea of maybe its okay, just this once comes into play
this thought does too
its something I got from my Sunday school class. Its put the whole saying on a global perspective so I you can picture the world if everyone sinned as such. It puts that old saying "if Jimmy jumps off the bridge are you gonna jump off the bridge with him?" concept to shame because it tell you WHY NOT to follow/copy what Jimmy aka others are doing.

And that tiny grain of "what if" is SQUASHED like the Devil who planted it.

I guess I'm just tired of seeing ppl act like they have no CONSCIENCE.
Me & CONSCIENCE are pretty cool, we do everything together so no worries here...

just letting you know he had something to say!


Anonymous said...

Mike...Yo boy is back...FINALLY!!!!

I liked this...Sometimes it takes just saying it to make it mean something....Or in your case...blogging it.

Yes...Me and Whitney are back!!!!

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