Sunday, August 2, 2009

Ciara & The Saturdays "WORK"

Cici & The Sats
just recently put out a music video for their songs "WORK"

Ciara - WORK (feat Missy Elliot)

Does Cici know what shes doing to me on with this music video
She got my favorite MC on the track wit her
& She got to dancing: flicking & tossing sand in the air in that aqua blue dress
and putting in WORK on the constuction site
with all that coochie poppin, swivel legs & the iconic matrix.
Still rocking that ponytail & swinging it like a helicopter like its hers smh Plus yall must not know im a sucker for STUNNAS & I want those Shades CiCi!
the analogies in this song are reDONKulous
deff club joint - got me dancing in my seat

Next we got...

The Saturdays - WORK

Mollie, Vanessa, Frankie, Rochelle & Una of The Saturdays(in singing order)
really sex(y)'d it up... especially Mollie (blonde) cuz she's usually the cute lil Baby Spice of the group. Vanessa deff brought the power vocals in that pink&black jumpsuit opposite from the group's black attire. Im diggin' Frankie's dance moves & flip of hair (short hair - Brunette), my wife Rochelle has never been SEXIER! in that dress. Straight makings of a model, MY MODEL so dont look too hard :) & Una is already sexy looking like Elizabeth Hurley.
They did they lil dance sequence in and i aint made at em.
Go Sats!
(looking all kinds of sexy)

Well I hope you've enjoyed my two "Work" vids
and you should know that you should
"put your boots on baby" and "Work! Work! Work! Work! Work! Bitch you betta work!"

sorry this post is late..
i was busy


GL0 said...

i DEFINITELY prefer my girl Cici between the two.. but The Saturdays are hot too!

Reggie said...

Loved Cici's....That is the gay song of 2009!!!!

ZION`OLOGY said...

as much as the song flopped cici`s "work" is far better than the saturdays..:)