Monday, August 10, 2009

Buffalo Exchange & ZIA's

does have its lil HOT SPOTS
I hit up two of mine Sat [AUG 8,09]
Buffalo Exchange & ZIA's

is a used clothing store on 7th St & Missouri Rd in Phoneix, AZ.
They buy & sell used and vintage clothes brought in by fellow Arizonans from all over from Phx to Scottsdale, Glendale to Tucson, Tempe to Avondale haha
They sell everything: jeans, shirts, sweaters, shoes, heels, hats, shades
The thing about Buffalo Exchange is that because they buy used clothes, every visit they got something new & different and if you find something great you better buy it then and there or someone else will!
Buffalo Exchange has any from a Marvin the Martian shirt at $13 to True Religion Jeans at $55 and everything else. I go mainly to sell my old clothes which Buffalo Exchange in exchange will give you [35%] cash or [50%] store credit for your [good quality/wearable] clothes they purchased.
Well I brought in about 10 articles of clothing.
REAL nice clothes, nothing bad bout them, certified bank. Right? WRONG.
The man checking my clothes only accepted 2 of my jeans and I only got 15 BUCKS BxTCHES!
While my bro brought some jeans & shirts and made 53 BUCKS
i hate him right now...

then WE took a redeeming trip to... my musical haven

a record store that sells new, used and old albums & records.
Located on 19th Ave & Indian School Road but ZIA's are located all throught the state of AZ. The sell everything from reggae, rap, pop, adult, hip-hop, r&b, Top 20, rock, world, dance, everything even local artists like
the AZ rapper Willy Northpole.
The cool thing about ZIA's is the used CD's they sell are HALF OFF [50%] so a brazillion of their CD's are like 6.99, 7.99, 8.99 bucks... its a steal considering theres no place under the sun can still selling albums from years ago like Maxwell, Xscape, Will Smith, Atmosphere, Smilez & Southstar, S Club 7, BBMak, Brandy, Lauryn Hill, etc
I spent a good half an hour with 7 albums in hand before I finally narrowed it down to just 2 CD's.

I bought
LMFAO Party Rock & N.A.S.A. The Spirit of Apollo

and we end the day with
bird shit
bird shit!
on my windshield :D



♪ ♪ Fř£Sh pŘîNÇëSš™ said...

i need 2 go 2 that store!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it looks like an upgraded thrift store

mzsamanthamay said...

omigosh! haha. you just gave me another heavenly places :) thanks for the tip!

GL0 said...

LOVE IT!!! The pictures were great and well put together too! glad u put that hard-earned money to good use.. haha

kimee said...

i will visit those places when i am there