Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Day '08

aka Dia de Los Gorditos cuz man I EAT!

*anyways this is what i ate*
in photographic detail

[veggies, candied yams, cranberry sauce & utensils haha, salad, egg salad, TURKEY & gravy, arroz con gandules, stuffing, crab cakes & tostones]

MIA in the picture:
[2 pumpkin, sweet potatoe, caramel silk supreme & banana creme]
Honey Roasted Ham
Platino Fritos
...i think thats it

Thanksgiving was BOMB! Were CUBAN so if u dont know what some of that was its all good...U just got cultured then. But i mean ate so much [fat boys unite haha] and like always after your done with your plate (regardless if you finished it or not) hrs later we grazed on thanksgiving until we were able to eat another plate haha

Then we played SCATTORGORIES [best game ever!] and had a party round 7 till 12 cuz thats HOW WE DO!,

Anyways it was a great day good quality family time, everyone was there [expect for my cousin Anthony in the Army but we wished him a plate] & we had a great time



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