Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sorry I've been M.I.A. on Blogger

Sup yall,
It's Mikeman
& I just wanted to catch you all up on the different aspects & whereabouts of my life

English is easy-peasy
Honors Forum - is so enlightening
Math - i just bombed ;)
Accounting - eh

applied for 1 this month
[ironically not a black on considering it African-American history month]
[[i applied for a hispanic one @]]

getting more hours > getting paid

i've hardly had time to find anything myself
this is truly saddening cuz i love mucis too much not to be getting that "NU NU" on my own. I still manage to get a couple tracks but not as much as before when id be going on a "Downloading Spree"

is exclusively left for MTB4
[Danity Kane UNITE!]

(starting as soon as i get outta class on friday)
have been bueno
movies, parties, kickbacks, hanging out
U know!
ya just dont F*ck with Michael's weekends
Oh ive started to do volunteer work too for a class
so thats a couple hrs of sleep gone but its for a good cause

-I stated working out in a gym
[blog will follow and further explain]
-My cousin, Anthony will be returning
for a visit from the Army next month (March)
so excited
-Kanye's new hair do is a hair DONT
-got $1,075 in the bank...pretty good for being a full-time college student working part time with a mean shopping addiction being suppressed to pay for school.
-Im thinking about starting my aquarium up again
& lastly
-I didnt really feel as black or as celebrated this AFRICAN-AMERICAN MONTH.
Did you?

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Mr. Jones said...

Welcome back to blogland. LOL @ you having more money in the bank than I do and I'm a grown ass man that works every single day.

Lemme get a loan. LOL.